Chapter Seven: Memories

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Please vote, like, and comment. This chapter is pretty long and intense, and the next chapter is going to be funny. I hope you like the way I've tried to get inside Edward's head and show the dilemma he's in during this time between Twilight and New Moon which Stephenie Meyer only called "the perfect summer." It may have been "perfect" from Bella's POV, but it's not from Edward's...he just can't let go of his worry for her which all builds up into his leaving her in New Moon. Enjoy!

--Cassandra :)

Chapter Seven: Memories

I accompanied Bella after she ate breakfast, driving her to a few businesses in Forks where she asked for job applications. She still couldn't drive much because of the cast on her leg, preferring to drive only to school and back, and that only because Charlie had insisted that I not take her to and from school. As he had left early for work this morning, I had volunteered to chauffeur her around town once again as Bella looked for a summer job-rather late as summer had already started, but she remained hopeful.

Wearing her one skirt as it was far easier for Bella to get on and off with her huge leg cast, and my favorite deep blue blouse (which distracted me to no end-she looked so incredibly beautiful this morning that I could barely keep my eyes on the road), she had a list written out of the places she wanted to apply, and although finding a job in such a small town seemed like a long shot, she was willing to try, willing to make Charlie happy, willing to keep the peace at home. Watching her work so hard to make Charlie happy made me feel ashamed at my own selfishness. I could never live for others the way Bella did-her unselfishness made me love her even more.

"Let's see," she said, looking at her list. I sat in the driver's seat of her ancient truck, idling noisily outside the little diner where she had just submitted another application. She made a check mark on her list next to the diner's name. "They're not hiring right now-although they really should consider hiring me since Charlie eats here almost every day for lunch." Bella laughed, reconsidering, "Maybe they don't want to offer him an employee discount every day if I worked here-they might lose money."

She glanced down her list again. "I have just one more place to check today: Newton's."

I couldn't help laughing. " at Newton's?" My eyebrows raised as I teased her, "You're the last person they'd think about hiring, your cast notwithstanding."

Bella's brows came together in a frown. "Why do you say that?" she asked, obviously miffed. "My cast should come off Friday anyway, according to Carlisle." The removal of her cast was an event both of us were very much looking forward to, she because the cast was heavy and awkward, and myself because the cast was a constant reminder of the events in Phoenix...when I had so nearly lost her.

"Bella, you aren't exactly the outdoor type. Have you ever set foot inside their store?"

Her frown deepened. "No, not exactly." Then her tone brightened. "But Charlie is a great customer; he's always buying his fishing stuff there. And I'm sure they sell other items besides outdoorsy stuff."

I laughed again. "Yes, sporting goods, Bella. And we know how interested you are in sports, love."

She laughed too, reluctantly. "Okay, okay. But have you ever seen Mike's mother? She looks like the least outdoorsy person ever, and she obviously works there. So being 'sporty' doesn't seem like a prerequisite for working in a sporting goods and outdoors store." Bella had a point: Karen Newton, with her professionally manicured nails, her perfectly coiffed blonde hair, her stiletto heels, and her fashionable clothing, seemed the absolute antithesis to the great outdoors.

"Perhaps you have a chance, after all," I conceded, grinning widely at her.

Bella's eyes unfocused for a few moments, and her breathing stopped.

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