Story On Hold

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So if any of you read my other book called The General's Daughter you might know that I started going back to school again. Thus, this story is on hold until my break comes this year and I will try to complete it ASAP since I also hate postponing things to who knows how many years to complete. 

I'll share an interesting fact:

You might be curious on why Jade could not kill the tiger and cub as easily as she did to those assassins. And why did I portray her as weak again. 

The answer to that is because Jade is actually in a confusing state where she does not know what she wants to do since her plan was to get revenge to begin with towards Knox. But now that it's different, she feels a bit loss. 

And she could easily kill the assassin as she did not feel any sympathy towards the humans that tried to kill her family. And since the tiger only wanted to protect its child, Jade could not do a thing since she also understood the tiger. Which was why she took the cub as her family. 

I'm also a bit loss on how to continue the story due to writer's block and only managed to complete my other book which is also a reborn story. So try reading my other book if you feel bored. And Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating as well as thank you for your patience and understanding!

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