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Dahyun kept quiet when they entered Jungkook's apartment.

"You hungry?" Jungkook asked her, Dahyun shook her head as response. "If you're tired, go to the other room. I made it fixed, as a bedroom for people who stays here to visit. Especially mom, Junghyun hyung, BTS." He said. Dahyun peeked to the room.

"This looks bigger than your room." She said.

"Yeah, I don't want a very wide space, but I always have when we're travelling and going in hotels."

"You do have a lot of stuffs when you're travelling." Dahyun closed it again.

"You don't want to rest yet?"

"I'm not sleepy yet. I don't feel comfortable wearing my clothes, actually. You should've brought me home."

"Oh, sorry. I'll just go to my room for a while." He excused.

"Yea, I'll go get some fresh air, outside." Dahyun smiled and went out of his apartment, there's a great view from the back of Jungkook's apartment. It's a little cold but she can manage.

"Dahyun?" She heard from inside.

"Yep? I'm here." She said, Jungkook went out.

"I got uhm, uh. A t-shirt and a shorts? I'll just turn the heater on. Sorry, I only have these which makes me comfortable wearing them, or maybe you will too."

"Oh, thank you. It's okay. i guess this is much better than what I am wearing right now." Dahyun smiled. "Bathroom." She excused and wore what Jungkook gave her. It's very large for her but the shorts has garter so she tied it tightly on her waist. "Is this a duster?" She looked at herself in the mirror before going out. "I'll go ahead and rest." She said and peeked outside, Jungkook stayed there. "Aren't you going to change?" She asked, Jungkook turned around.

"Oh! Sorry." He avoided looking at her.

"What?" Dahyun looked down. "I'm wearing a shorts." She lift the shirt up. "You think, I'm not? Your t-shirt is just very large."

"Ah." Jungkook looked at her. "Put it down already, even the shorts looks really large." Dahyun fixed the shirt.

"Yeah, what were you thinking? I'm secuding you?" Dahyun chuckled and ran her fingers through her hair.

"N-no? No, no. I better go change." He excused and went to his room. Dahyun shook her head and went to the other room, she felt very relaxed when she laid down on the bed.

Jungkook changed his clothes, quickly and brushed his teeth. He looked at his self in the mirror and went out of his room. He looked around for Dahyun but she's not anywhere, he thought she already got in to the other bedroom.

He's about to go back to his room and he heard the other door opened. Dahyun peeked outside.

"Hey." She said. Jungkook looked at her. "Do you have extra tooth brush?" She asked. Jungkook went back to his room and rummages the drawer and got back outside.

"Here." He handed her the tooth brush.

"Thank you." She said and went back inside the room to brush her teeth. Jungkook got back to his room and laid down on the bed stared at the ceiling.


"Where are you?" Jin asked while looking around, he's on the phone talking to Moonbyul.

"Dahyun's favorite pace~"

"Favorite place?"

"Come on, it's where she's drinking when she's sad. From the old lady's place."

"I'm coming." Jin rushed going to her and saw Moonbyul drinking. "Ya!" He approached her.

"Hey, my love." Moonbyul smiled and stood up, she looks a little drunk.

"Why are you drinking? If I didn't call you. I wouldn't know you're doing this right now? Do you have a problem?"

"What? No, no. Members are just out, we're not doing anything for days. And I thought maybe I should have fun."

"You call this fun, Byul?"

"Why? It's been very long since I stopped drinking, I focused with MAMAMOO. I forgot that I am also a human." She sat down again.

"You okay? You're drunk. I'm taking you home, come on." Jin held her arm.

"I'm not done yet." She said.

"You're not going to finish that, I'm taking you to your dorm."

"I don't want to be left alone like Dahyun!" Moonbyul yanked her arm away from him.

"What?" Jin asked.

"I pity Dahyun everytime she's telling me you're out, she wanted to go home. It's one of the best place for her."

"Let's not talk about her. You're drunk."

"Do something about her before something happens, you're being very sure of her that she doesn't need you. I could strongly feel she needs attention but she understands you all. Jungkook is making an effort to be with her more than her own brother and sister. Maybe, maybe everyone of us will get to the point of finding a permanent partner, but not all."

"Moonbyul, let's go." He held her hand and Jin hailed a taxi. They're both silent while on their way to Moonbyul's dorm. They got off silently and Moonbyul pressed the password but she pressed it wrong.

"Hmm?" She once again pressed the password but she got it wrong again.

"What's wrong?" Jin approached her, she didn't mind him and kept pressing the password. "No one's inside?"

"I told you, they are out with their friends, family, whatever." She can't open the door. "Come on!" Moonbyul beat the keys.

"Hey! Hey, calm down. Don't you know the password? Did you changed?" Jin asked.

"I don't know! And we didn't! Go home, I'll just go to my friend's house."

"Friend's house? Where?" Jin followed her when she went to the side walk waiting for a taxi.

"Just somewhere." She hailed a taxi and she get in to the backseat, Jin followed. "Hey." Moonbyul said.

"XXX village." Jin told the driver.

"We're not going to yo---!" Jin covered her lips, they arrived to Jin's house and he paid for the taxi. He held Moonbyul's hand and get inside his house. "Dahyun told me she's going home, I can't see any lights on."

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