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"come on mingyu! it's not that hard to understand!"

"yes it fucking is! who in the right mindset would decide to mix numbers with letters?!" mingyu groaned out of frustration. his head laid flat on the table, wanting to give up on the algebraic fractions wonwoo was teaching to him. even after multiple failures, wonwoo still strived to help mingyu get at least one question right.

"just- watch what i do again, okay?" wonwoo asked, waiting for mingyu to lift his head up from the table and respond. "fine."

"okay. first you multiply x-2 by x+3 which becomes..." wonwoo explained as he wrote down his workings in the workbook. mingyu tried to listen but the mathematical language wonwoo was using didn't allow him to process any of the information he was saying.

mingyu just stared at wonwoo as worked, the pencil gliding on the paper with every stroke as he heard wonwoo's explanation in between. wonwoo kept a straight face and pushed up his glasses whenever they fell too low. he looked so determined to complete a simple question like this and a small smile appeared once wonwoo almost had the answer to the question. how can someone look so happy when doing math? mingyu found it odd but maybe that's what made mingyu curious about wonwoo.

although mingyu says he hates wonwoo, he himself doesn't believe that's completely true. instead of hate, it's more like he doesn't understand how wonwoo could follow the rules so easily, or not be tempted to break them. he was so curious as to why wonwoo acted the way he did. how he could be the perfect student and the council president without feeling any pressure. it still baffles mingyu to compare him and the council president and see how different they are as people.

but to be honest, wonwoo would probably think the same about mingyu.

"so, do you understand now?" wonwoo asked, snapping mingyu out of his thoughts and daydreams. mingyu hummed, "mm, kinda."

wonwoo flipped over the page to reveal another set of questions. mingyu groaned at the sight whilst wonwoo chuckled quietly to himself. "try these." the younger looked at wonwoo with a killing glare, wanting to skip all these questions and for lunch to come. he sighed and picked up the pencil and started to attempt the questions.

wonwoo watched over mingyu's broad shoulders, pointing out any mistakes mingyu made and corrected any wrong calculations. at this point, front he amount of mistakes mingyu made, wonwoo ended up explaining every question. mingyu found it annoying that wonwoo was nitpicking everything he did wrong, becoming frustrated whenever he heard the elder's voice say, "wrong."

"could you stop pointing out everything mistake i make? if you want me to fucking learn, i'll figure out my mistakes by myself." mingyu lashed out, turning to wonwoo with an angered face, eyebrows furrowed. wonwoo let out a small yelp and mumbled, "o-okay, i'm sorry."

mingyu scoffed and went back to the question.

what is this guy's problem? they both thought to themselves.

for the rest of that period, they sat in silence. mingyu worked on the problems or played with the pencil, sucking on lollipops. wonwoo sat next to him, reading a book whilst keeping an eye on mingyu to see if he was still doing the work. as soon as the bell rang, mingyu picked up his bag and left the classroom in an instant, leaving wonwoo to clean up the lollipop wrappers the younger had littered on the floor.

wonwoo sighed as he cleaned up the classroom and moved the tables and chairs back to where they were before. he spent one period with mingyu and he already regretted agreeing to the deal. he was already thinking of storming into the principal's office and insisting of dropping the deal. but knowing of mrs ayane's persistence, wonwoo knew she wouldn't go back on her word.

he left the classroom to go to his next class, hoping it would at least relieve some of the tense feelings that were lingering in his stomach ever since he was in mingyu's presence.

he entered his next classroom and looked up to see soonyoung sitting by their usual desks. a smile appeared on wonwoo's face upon seeing his friend. at least soonyoung would be there to cheer him up. "hey won." soonyoung waved, watching as wonwoo walked over and sit down. "so, how was first period with mister delinquent?"

wonwoo groaned. "annoying. he wasn't understanding anything and whenever i pointed out his mistakes, he lashed out at me and told me to leave him alone."

"same old jerk i guess?" soonyoung saw wonwoo frown. "don't worry, won. you'll be able to reform him."

wonwoo smiled, "thanks, soon. but i really don't know where to start with that guy. every time i try to teach him something, he just rebels against what i say." he groaned into his palms, tired even though it was only second period. "i'm hopeless."

soonyoung hummed and thought to himself, thinking on what advice he could give to wonwoo. "how about you think like mingyu for a day?" wonwoo looked up at soonyoung and gave him a confused look. "what do you mean? do you want me to act like an idiot for a day or something."

he shook his head and let out a small chuckle. "no, but that'd be pretty funny. what i'm saying is, try and think in mingyu's mindset. instead of trying to teach him straight away, learn what he's like and how he thinks. from there you can adapt a learning style that would suit him. not everyone is like you, won."

wonwoo looked at soonyoung in shock, never knowing his best friend could give such insightful advice. "wow- damn. when did you become so wise."

soonyoung chuckled again, pointing to his head. "it's all up in here."

"you know, you should use your head more often. maybe then you wouldn't be failing any of your classes." wonwoo joked, earning a playful hit to the side from soonyoung. "hey! i made sure to be born in 1996 to be your best friend and all i get is this disrespect? pfft, rude."

wonwoo laughed at the latter's statement, the tense feeling he was holding onto was now gone and was feeling much better than before.

let's just hope that his mood won't be ruined again.

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