Mr. Zachary part 11

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When i get out of he bath and get dressed Paul and i go down stairs to have breakfast. We wak down the stairs and found that my mom has made us eggs and bacon.

"Mmm smells good, mom." I say sitting down at the table. Paul sits down next to me. My mom and dad sit down across from us.

"So i hear your wanting to move into our guest house." My dad says to Paul.

"Yes, i think it would be nice." Paul says.

"I think you two might get tired of each other if you see one another everyday." My mom says.

"I dont think thats possible. Rey is great, I dont want to be apart from her." Paul says. "Im attached."

I blush a little.

"Mom, Dad, I know your looking out for me but me and Paul are glued. Super glued." I smile at Paul. "you cant pull us apart from each other."

"I know. you guys are so cute together." My Mom says

"Okay, ill make a deal with you, you can move in as long as you do some kind of chore to pay for your rent." My dad says.

"I can clean your pools, and mow for you." Paul says. "The inside and outside pool."

"Yes, that could work." Dad says.

I smile and kiss Paul.

"hey, no PDA in this house!" Dad smiles.

"Sorry, Mr. Adams." Paul says.

"Paul, call me Jim."

Paul Nods his head and we walk over to the guest house. The guest house Has 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathroom. Each bedroom as a bathroom attached to it and a half bathroom by the kitchen. It is a really nice house. Everything you need is already in there. Beds,couches, tv's, towels, blankets, soaps, cookware, etc.

"This is perfect!" Paul picks me up and spins me around. We kiss for a while.

"This is were I want our children to grow up in." Paul say. "They would have a beautiful house and mother."

"They would have a hot father!" We kiss again.

How many kids do you want?" Paul asks.

"Like 3-4." I say.

"Me too." Paul says.

***1 month later***

Paul moved in and Kelsey dis-owned us. Her mom convinced her it was our fault that she was hurt. So we let her think what she wants.Pauls mom left. Im laying in bed texting one of my old friends,Alyssa. Its 9:30 at night and i already said my good byes to Paul.

ALYSSA: Heyyy. I havent talked to you in a while how have you been?

ME: Good, Did you know i have a boyfriend?

ALYSSA: NO! who is it??

ME: Paul. he was a substitute teacher at school.

ALYSSA: Mr. Zachary? The one that looks like a model?

ME: Haha. yes him.

ALYSSA: OMG! every girl was obsessed with him! your so lucky.

ME: yes i am lucky. hes so amazing.

ALYSSA: I bet. he was nice

ME: yep. thats my babe :)

ALYSSA: Aw you guys must look cute together

ME: We do. (:

It was morning and i woke up to a text from Paul.

PAUL: you awake yet babe?

ME: Yep i am now.

PAUL: Did i wake you?

ME: its okay. I needed to wake up anyways.

PAUL: Sorry babe.

ME: its fine, are you comming over here?

PAUL: let me shower and get ready, then ill be over.

ME: okay i have to get ready too.

I jump in the shower quick. I wear a Yellow sundress with pink and orange flowers on it. After i get dressed i hear the doorbell ring. I run down stairs and open the door. Its Paul with a dozen roses!

"Awww. thanks babe." I kiss him and bring him inside.

I put the flowers in the vase. And i make some oatmeal for us.

"What do you want to do today? Its our 2 month anniversary." He says kissing me.

"I know! hmmm i just want to spend time with you all day. My mom and dad are at work till 10 tonight."


Hey everyone! how do you like this so far? Tell me what you like about it or tell me what to improve on. give me your honest oppinion! thanks soo much :)

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