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someone say fLIPPIN' 1K READS????

*tears up*

also, this story's gonna be in letters unless it's a part i can't depict like that. like a super-important scene.

Dear Keefe,

Today I threw a vase at the wall. Don't ask or I WILL do something stupid, like punch you.

Or at least, punch the version of you in my head.

I was never really good with feelings, you know...especially with my own. The only thing I was actually good at was yelling at people.

Lately, it's gotten worse. I can't hear someone say your name without doing something violent.

Like I said, don't ask. I'll tell you in my own time, don't rush me.

Biana told me yesterday that she's getting worried about me. She says it scares her and that I'm elapsing into something she calls 'Alvar-itis', or basically BOOM! Angry Fitz.

Shut up. It's not funny. And the shameless version of you in my head knows it, but is still cackling like a moron, I swear-

Let's talk about Tam for a bit.

What about him? Well, he's the one who started this whole epidemic - and he's not the least bit apologetic for getting Linh and I addicted to it.

I am ashamed to say that I can't write for peanuts. It took me a whole week to write this, and I think she's probably got a whole binder of letters to you stashed away under her bed or something like that.

You know how Sophie deals with it?

It's simple - she doesn't.

As in, she locks herself in her room for exactly an hour everyday and cries it all out. Everyone at Havenfield calls it the 'hour of mourning', which is just depressing, but I really don't blame them for it.

Her behavior is really affecting her parents, though. Grady had to come over yesterday to discuss something with Dad, and he had such huge shadows under his eyes that Mom actually asked him how in the world he'd gotten himself two black eyes.

According to what Biana eavesdropped to find out (because no one tells us anything), Sophie also transmits whatever she feels like telling you randomly. The only reason they actually know about it is because she accidentally transmitted to Edaline once.

She doesn't talk to any of us anymore, ever since the planting.

Oh wait - she talks to Dex. I forgot about him somehow.

How the heck did I forget about Dex?! That's...ridiculous.

It's probably because I haven't seen him either ever since the planting. It's like he and Sophie both disappeared, and now it's just me, Biana, Linh, Tam, Marella, Maruca and Wylie. Yeah, and Stina too.

To be honest, it's a bit awkward, since I don't really know half the group as well as I possibly could, but...it is what it is, I guess.

And on that alarmingly boomer-like note, I'm going to bed. It's 1 o' clock.

Good night / morning, buddy. Hope at least my mental version of you got more sleep than I plan too.



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