camping with a hot jerk

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Camping with a hot jerk

Chapter 1 


I was waiting outside, sat on a cold green bench waiting for my so called 'best friend' .It was freezing and the wind was blowing causing my teeth to chatter. I should have known not to wait for Zoe but she pleaded and pleaded, so I couldn't exactly say no could I?

I placed my suit case in between my feet and sat there playing with my phone in my hands. C'mon Zoe! I was just about to pick up my bag when I felt my phone vibrate causing me to jump.

Finally! I opened the message and read it breathing a sigh of relief. I slumped back down waiting for the car to come and to my surprise it did.

"bye dad!" I heard her call as she jumped out the passenger seat. She turned to me and I glared at her.

The car began to drive of leaving a trail of gas behind. For some reason her dad hated me. Zoe was petite with bright red hair, it looked like a tomato but no one ever said anything because she was so lovable. Her blue eyes gave the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever.

Whereas me, I'm blonde with blue eyes and a few freckles over my nose and I wouldn't say I was skinny but I'm not fat either. Me and Zoe had just turned 16 and we had been going to this camp ever since we were little.

"so what took you so long?" I asked eying her suspiciously. "things, now c'mon otherwise we'll be late and there will be no rooms for us!" she squealed. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag. We both headed into the camp to where the leader was.

After a long walk we found her slumped on a deck chair snoring.

"this is just great," I hissed as we snuck up to the deck chair and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

"wh-wha-what," she jumped still half asleep.

We both giggled and helped her to sit up. "so what can I do for you ladies," she grunted. Well what do you think?

"well, I'm Bella and this is zoe, were um here for camp?" I said. "oh yeah girlies sorry, here is your room numbers, around 9 o'clock there'll be a camp fire, hopefully you can join us," she said closing her eyes again.

I shrugged my shoulders and walked past her. Cabin 305. "Zoe what room did you get?" I asked. "um cabin 402," she said clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

What, oh I'm not in the same room as Zoe. I brung a hand to my forehead and sighed. I wasn't one of them people who liked making new friends.

"don't worry Bella! I'll come everyday to hang out, you know me I never break a promise," she said before hugging me and scurrying off to find her cabin.

"thanks for the help," I muttered under my breath. I continued walking looking at all the numbers and finally came to a halt and number 305. I was kinda nervous about being on my own, but I'll live.

I walked up the four steps and grabbed onto the handle, took a couple of breaths and walked in. I stood shocked and realized, I was in a cabin full of guys, hot guys!

"woah whats a girl doing in here?" I heard a deep voice say. I had to share with guys, I still couldn't believe my luck. Then out of the bathroom came a guy wearing a towel round his waist.

"opps!," he said running back in. I stood there not knowing what to say until a rude voice caught my attention.

"well aren't you gonna come in then."

I picked up my bag and threw it on the bed at the end and sat down. "my names Rein by the way," I heard the deep voice again come over and sit next to me.

"hey, I'm Bella," I said looking up at him. Wow he was H-O-T! he has black wavy hair that just stopped below his ear and he had nice plump lips, that were totally kissable and he was wearing skinny jeans and a hoodie. "That's Elliot over there, sorry he was being such an ass," he smiled.

I looked over and even though he was rude, he was hot too, a mop of brown hair and piercing blue eyes, he had nice lips too and was wearing um nothing but boxers.

"quit staring," he scowled.

"who said I was staring at you," I muttered turning round. Then I looked over at a boy who was sleeping. His name was Harry. He had sandy brown hair and green eyes and looked very hot!

Then there was the boy from the bathroom called Ben. He had big muscles and brown hair which was short and spiky and black eyes that suited him well. What's wrong with Elliot I don't even know him and yet he was being a jerk.

I shoved my suitcase under my bed and decided I was going to try and find Zoe, that way I could get away from this jerk for a while.

I was shut about to open the door when I heard that stupid voice again, "and where are you going?"

I turned around to see Elliot with his arms folded glaring at me. "what's it to you," I smirked and walked out. What's his problem?

It took me ages but I finally found Zoe's cabin. I knocked a few times before she came bounding to the door. "oh hey Bella come in!" she giggled showing me in. I stepped one foot in and sat on the bed.

"so who are your new room mates?" she asked wiggling her eyebrows.

" knew didn't you!" I said shocked. I jumped up leaving a mad expression on my face. My nose scrunched up and lines on my forehead.

"I'm sorry Bella but it was a dare," she said giggling. "this is not funny!" I squealed before walking out. I sighed and stomped over to my cabin. I guess the guys had already left. I lay in my bed bringing the blanket over my head.

I couldn't be bothered to go to the camp fire.

I was in there for about 10 minutes until I heard someone come in and throw the blanket off of me and onto the floor. "hey," I shouted and turned to see Elliot. Not this guy again. I lay back down facing the other way.

His face didn't make things any better. "c'mon your coming to the camp fire," he said shoving his hands into his pockets. "make me," I said. Then he moved closer and closer until he was right by my side.

He then grabbed my arm and attempted to pull me up. Luckily for me most of the week before I had been stuffing my face with oreo's. but in the end he pulled me up and I was so close to him I could hardly breath, if I took a step back I would have fallen over the side.

"I'm still not going," I muttered pushing past him. "yes you are, now go change," he said shooing me into the bathroom. "what's wrong with this?" I asked looking down. I was wearing white skinny jeans and a plain pink top. I didn't see anything wrong with it.

"just do it," he said raising his voice a tad. "fine! But get your hand off me," I said realizing his hand was still brushing against my arm. He quickly let go and brush it through his hair. Weirdo. I walked into the bathroom.

Eww! I really wish I wasn't sharing with boys, they don't mind if they live in a pig sty but girls do. This bathroom was a mess! "I'm guessing I'll have to clean this up later?" I yelled with my hands on my hips.

"yeah," I heard. I got changed into a white summer dress and a denim jacket with my blonde hair to the side. I wore my black leather boots that came to just below the knee. I sighed and walked out hoping this outfit was alright with that jerk.

"happy?" I asked. "mhmm," he said not even looking.

"stupid jerk," I mumbled as we headed out the door and to the fire.

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