9 - Broadway Express - Street Level - Carol

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            Before the man, the sick man, could grab hold of her, a shot rang out and a flower of blood bloomed from his head. It hit Carol full in the face and she turned her head away as the sick man fell to the ground.

            Over the blades and noise of the chopper, she could hear loud radio’s squaking, static clicking and hissing. “…seal off…no one to leave alive…must contain.”

            Contain? Contain what? She thought. What did the pilot in the helicopter know that she didn’t? There was no mistaking the first bit she had heard. She knew that if she waited another moment, a shot would be fired into her head, too.

            Without thinking about it, without acknowledging what she was doing, Carol ran towards the entrance to the underground subway station. Gunfire broke out behind her and bullets ripped the air around her head.

            It seemed they did not want her leaving, but they didn’t want her going back in either. A volley of shots rang out again, coming closer this time. One nicked her in the shoulder and she cried out. Knowing that she had only moments, she dived into the entrance and shut the door behind her.

            As she took breath after breath in the darkness, she realized three things: first, the area outside the subway station has been a bustling metropolis when she had come for her train. Now the streets were deserted. Second, the subway station had been lit before, bright lights nearly blinding her. Now, though she could hear the trains moving below her, there was darkness all around her.

            Third: Carol could hear something moving towards her in the darkness. 

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