Chapter 12: Creatures Among Us! Part 4

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               After dinner with her dad, Nicholas, Matt, and Matt's family; Kylie is swimming around in the cave pool on Moanie Island thinking about everything that has happened today. Before she went to dinner; Matt said he sensed something different. And he kept looking at Kylie and kept asking Finn if Kylie has told him. She kept thinking about what in sane hill he was talking about. Until Matt avoided a waitress spilling water near him during dinner. He was far more worried than a normal person should have been. She hasn't experienced 6 full moons though, so how could he sense who she is. Does that mean he's one too? And she hasn't even seen the tattoos on herself either. So there is no way he knows about her. But what was he talking about? Her brain hurts just thinking about it. 

             She swims up to the corner of the pool and lays her head against the edge. "What am I going to do about Finn?" She asks herself aloud. She finally gave him an answer, but it wasn't the answer she wanted. She wanted to say yes. But she doesn't want to throw herself back into a relationship so soon.

                    Then you have Finn's experiences on Moanie too. The same she had. But he said he doesn't have a tail. So why did he feel that way? Brian said that he experienced similar things when he transformed too. Jakobe and Brian said that the last few times they were at Moanie, they only heard weird voices and noticed odd changes of temperature on the islandwhen it was during the "Lighting Times" for the cave pool. Jakobe, Brian, and Kylie all wanted to go to the island when it's not during the time and discover a differentCave. A cave without an underwater entrance to see what's going on after Kylie had dinner with her father and everyone else. But Jakobe and Brian got caught up helping Kaylee and her mother remove the carpet in their living room. Nicholas didn't want to go back to the creepy Island, so Kylie got permission from her father to go by herself. Although she said Finn was coming along too. She wanted to bring him, but she thought it'd be awkward since she recently turned him down. She hated lying to her dad, but she needed to figure how and why she turned into a mermaid.  

           She gets herself out of the cave pool and reaches for her towels to dry off. She wanted to swim in through the underwater entrance. But she still has no idea where it goes and she still doesn't have an easier way to dry off. So she had to go through the tunnel entrance. 

                      She dries herself off and walks around the cave touching the shimmery gems on the walls. "They are so beautiful." She says in amazement. She walks around touching more as she sings one of her new songs. 

                  She looks around sensing a feeling someone is watching her. She shrugs it off and continues to sing. Going on to another exquisite purple gem. She stops in the middle of the bridge of the song, thinking she heard something. She rubs her arms feeling a bit chilly. She's getting goosebumps now. It' not even cold in the cave. She rolls her eyes.  She really doesn't want to have another bad experience in this cave. 




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