8 - Broadway Express -Fifth Car - Owen

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            Owen wondered if he had made a mistake.

            Kyle sat across from him on one of the subway seats. This man he had met on the internet, this man who didn’t look anything like his picture. This man who looked to be twenty years older than he had claimed. Thankfully Kyle hadn’t said anything in fifteen minutes. The subway ride was longer than he thought it would be. He didn’t know he’d be taking a subway at all. Kyle had said he lived downtown. He had gotten off his train downtown. Now they were heading out of the city.

            It seemed there were a lot of things that Kyle hadn’t told him. Owen should have figured. What kind of guy would try to meet someone over the internet? A desperate one, he thought. Which was why he was still pondering whether or not he was going to fuck him when Kyle jolted awake in his seat.

            Except, those weren’t Kyle’s eyes looking at him. Kyle’s eyes had gone white and, had Owen been paying attention, he would have noticed the grey cast to Kyle’s skin. There was a smell of death coming off of him that Owen found repulsive.

            “Kyle?” He said. Come to think of it, was his name really Kyle? “Kyle?”

            He jerked again, standing this time and then leaped into the air to crouch on the back of the subway seat, looking at Owen with narrowed eyes, filled with white. A low clicking sound was emanating from Kyle’s mouth. Or what used to be Kyle, Owen thought.

            Somehow, Owen knew that Kyle was not Kyle, that he was seconds away from being eaten. The man that was screaming when we got on the subway, he thought. Owen wondered if it had been a bad omen.

            He was just about to brace himself for Kyle’s attack when a voice behind him yelled out. “Get the fuck down and, whatever you do, don’t swallow any of the blood!”

            The voice belonged to that of a large black woman. She was holding a gun that looked three foot long. She had pulled it from her purse. “Jesus lady.”

            “Ain’t no Jesus anymore.” She said.

            She pointed the gun right at the Kyle thing, beckoning it forward with her other hand. “That’s right honey, you come on to Candy. You come to Candy and she’ll take good care of you.” She gave the Kyle thing a big smile.

            She was still smiling as she pulled the trigger and Owen was covered in his possible lover’s blood.

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