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You're a natural at weaving
Looms of ecstasy
without moving you spin
And my head follows suit
You are a call to motion
A call to attention
a call to the wilder unbelievable side of life
Like Jonah on the ocean
As if through water from the bottom of a pool
Dazed and drunk on love potion
A clarity to my emotions
You are like a religion and I worship in total devotion

That's how all the true love stories start;
But in that devotion,
There's corruption.

My commitment to you gave the impression ,
That I was bound to always be in complete adoration ,
I paid more attention amongst other sacrifices,
weighing heavily on my fragile conscience,
Finally see you clearly through the looking glass of your eyes.
I spied a monster twisted and ugly birth from lust and chaos but guised in beauty.
Most of all I saw myself through the glass,
A mere passing fetish with expectations and I cannot even alter objection
But knowing is the first step to taking action
Now Alice has to find her way out of wonderland
But first let go of your hand.

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