Chapter 15 - Living the Dream

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I wake up to the familiar sound of an alarm. After turning it off, I look beside me to see Victor still sleeping. I try waking him up by kissing him on his chest then working my way up until I'm kissing him around his face and head. He laughs and wraps his arms around me, then I kiss him on his lips.

While I lay on his chest, he looks at me and I melt in his eyes. 'Hey.'

'Good morning. How did you find your night?'

'Great, no nightmares again.'

'Good, I'm glad to hear it.'

'How did you find yours?'

'With you here, it was perfect.' Victor grins.

My heart skips a beat and I kiss him again.

When I lay my head back on his chest, Victor starts playing with my hair which makes me feel sleepy. When I begin drifting back off to sleep, Victor notices so tries encouraging me to get up. 'Maybe we should get ready?'

'Five more minutes?'

Victor laughs before kissing my head and gets out of bed. 'Five more minutes will turn into an hour. We'll never get out of bed.'

'What's wrong with that?'

Victor chuckles again as he leaves the bedroom.

After we are dressed, ready and had breakfast, we're about to leave when I suddenly remember my scars and panic. 'Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! My face, I need to hide the scars!'

'Calm down, it's fine.'

Victor waves his hand over my face; I feel that familiar tingling again. I know the spell worked, but I'm concerned about how long it will last. 'What if it doesn't last all day?'

'It should do, but if it doesn't, come find me.'

'Okay. Okay.' I try to hide the concern in my voice but I didn't quite succeed.

'You'll be fine, it won't show. I'm sure Sunny will help. Ask Charlotte and Liam to keep an extra eye out for you.'

'Yeah, that's a good idea.'

I meet up with Liam and Charlotte in our first class. Of course, they ask questions. I catch them up to speed and ask if they could let me know if my scars should begin to appear. They said that they would.

Senga passes me a note during lesson which reads that Gilwich wants to see me after class. This can't be good. It must be because of the jewel. I'm most probably going to be scolded for entering the forest and told that I put mine, Charlotte and Liam's lives in danger.

I ask Charlotte and Liam, 'have you two spoken to Gilwich yet?'

Charlotte gives a displeasing nod. 'Yeah, and of course he wasn't pleased either. He gave us a warning that if we break rules like that again, then we'll be expelled immediately, end of.'


When first break arrives, I brace myself before entering the lift. When I nervously reach Gilwich's office door, I knock and hope that he won't be in so I could go.

Of course, that wasn't going to happen and my heart sinks when I hear him call out, 'come in!'

I slowly enter his office. For the first time, he isn't hiding away somewhere in the room. He is standing in front of his chair with his back to me. I notice the jewel from the forest is placed on a four foot-ish tall podium with a glass lid over it.

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