Top 10 reasons why nerds are cool!

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Are you a nerd? 'Cos if you are, this article is dedicated to you... (and cold_lady19) because nerds are c o o l. Yup, you heard me. The days of nerds being picked on and laughed at are well and truly over!

(Audience clap and cheer wildly)

Here are the top ten reasons why nerds are now cool:

1. Nerds are smart. And smart is attractive. At the end of the day, girls want to be with guys who are interesting, guys who have more to say -- not how much they can bench press or how much alcohol they can drink. Boring! Bo-freaking-ring!

In fact, people pick on nerds because they're jealous of how smart they are. Bullying them is their pathetic attempt to compensate their own stupidity.

2. Nerds are rich. Google the world's billionaires and you'll find that the top richest people in the world are all nerds! None of those people are famous athletes, movie stars or popstars because they're the ones who turn people into stars.

3. Nerds are good with techno

(Fast, electronic dance music plays)

No... -logy. Technology. Nerds are good with technology. Unless you've been living in a rock for the last hundred years, you'll agree that our way of life heavily depends on technology. So be nice to nerds because if you're having issues with your iphone, ipod, ipad, idontknow, (See what I did there? ... Forgive me.), laptop or home entertainment system, then they can help... If they like you.

4. Nerds have a good fashion sense. Now, don't laugh at this one. Why is that lots of people now are wearing large nerd glasses and pretending to be all hipstar like? 'Cos it looks cool. Stop copying us already, eh!

5. Nerds have excellent... Um...


Nerds have excellent memory. Especially with numbers. So, if you're a girl, you'd never have to worry about your nerd boyfriend forgetting your birthday. In fact, he'll not only remember your birthday, he'll remember the anniversary of when you first started going out, the first time you guys held hands, and the day of your first kiss. N'aww <3...

6. Nerds are always one step ahead. Not only can they predict your next move in chess, they know how to get their hands on the best entertainment before anyone else does. Nerds were willing to read Harry Potter and the Twilight novels before it was cool, man. Then Hollywood caught on. Then everybody else caught on. And before you know it, reading fantasy novels is a cool thing...

7. Nerds have a good self esteem. They are actually pretty comfortable with who they are. The reason behind this is during their high school years, they tried to fit in but failed miserably. So they thought, "To hell with it! I'm just gonna be me and be happy, 'cos I can't be arsed to be someone I'm not so that my 'friends' will like me."

8. Nerds can download a n y t h i n g !

They'll download anything you want; musics, videos, games - just ask the right nerd and you've got free unlimited access to anything. Just don't ask how they do it. Then it'll be all good!

9. Nerds know how and when to tone down their nerdiness. Seeing as nerds are smart, it's usually not difficult for the average nerd to tone down his or her nerdiness to the appropriate level with human interaction. They'd understand that launching into a 3 hours lecture about Starwars is probably not the best thing to do on a first date.

10. Nerds have the coolest jobs. Get it? Steve. Jobbs. Sorry, couldn't help it!

The nerd within.

If you ever worked for Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Pixar or any other network company, do you know how badass that is? It's freaking badass! The work that you do will affect millions of people!

And there you have it. Nerds for the win! Yeah!

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