Chapter 1 - Welcome Back

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It's now Tuesday morning, the day I return to school. I'm up and dressed, had breakfast and I'm getting ready to go as it's nearing eight AM.

There's a knock on my parent's front door.

When my Dad answers it, I hear a man say, 'Anne Hunter?'



Dad turns and calls out, 'Anne, your cabs here!'


I say goodbye to everyone, including Tawzer, Ellie, and Charlie, before Sunny and I walk to the cab which is parked directly outside.

When we get in the back, I notice it's the same driver who had dropped us off before the holidays. 'Hi again.'

'Allo, there. How was your Christmas?'

'It was good thank you, nice seeing the family. How was yours?'

'Not bad, not bad, thank you. Looking forward to going back to the Academy?'

'Yes, but I'm going to miss my family a lot.'


We set off. He drives until we're in a quiet place with no one around. He turns on the invisible blanket thing again, and as before, we are off flying back to the Academy.

It's just as impressive flying back to Anuanna, seeing the city thousands of feet from ground level. As we begin to descend, I can see more black cabs flying around us and more landing, dropping off students. Our driver parks down the road from the other cars and asks for my card again. I give it to him to see '-46.57' appear on the small strip screen above the card slot. I thank him before taking my belongings and leave.

Walking towards the path that leads to the castle, I hear a meowing sound. I follow it to see the same tabby cat from a couple of weeks ago walking towards us.

'Hey boy! How've you been?'

'That cat's different.'

I look at Sunny wondering what he means. 'Different? How?'

'It smells different. And have you noticed it's a little bigger than the average cat?'

'Yeah, but I didn't really pay attention.'

I walk over and stroke the cat, he's as friendly and loving now as he was when I first met him.

'You're such a handsome little guy. Do you live around here?'

Not a peep but he's purring and rubbing his head up against me.

'I'm sorry darling, but I have to leave now. You take care of yourself.'

I stroke him one last time before heading off back to my flat. I find it funny that the cat is following us nearly all the way back home.

It feels nice to be back at our flat. I didn't realise before but it actually feels like home now.

The first thing I do is unpack. I take Victor's, Charlotte's and Liam's presents and put them under my tree in the living room. I would like to give it to them today, but I don't know where Victor is and I don't want to go to the castle when it's closed. Also, I'm sure he'd be at his home, if only I knew where that is. I'll take it in tomorrow and give it to him then.

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