Chapter 27

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It's so good to see you Amanda, she was still looking at me shocked it is good to see her again I mean she is the first girl I will have sex with and wake up to her gone am always the one Leaving but there was just something about her that made me stay she is very beautiful and I like her smile, the way she laughed and talked that night even though I knew we were both drunk I just wanted to see her again I didn't get her last name so it was hard to find her but am so happy to see her here.
What is she doing here? I can't even say anything, she is here, my green eyed girl is here, what should I do?
Should I run and leave the place that is a good idea maybe that's what I should do but she is just standing there smiling at me like am the best thing she has seen today
Just seeing her I remembered everything that happened that night and the sex now am blushing. Hey Sam! how are you doing?
Am good and can we talk in private? Sure let go upstairs
We left Raven and Ethan but when I looked back I noticed Raven was giving thumbs up and just smiling at us like an idiot. Now she knows, gosh am not going to hear the end of this....
Amanda and Sam, wow am surprise she even had sex with Sam don't get me wrong that girl is very hot! But she sleeps around and I know that because she is Ethan's friend and her family is very rich and popular but the way she was looking  at Amanda I know that she likes my friend I knew Maddy always had a thing for girls but I didn't want to ask her if she was bi because she was married but now am sure she is, she and Sam will be so good for each other, they will make a very cute couple.
When we got upstairs she led me to this room and said, this is where I will be staying for a few days, I was just looking around the room, I didn't even know when she got close to me and held my waist, I turned around and now we were staring at each other it's so good to see you again Amanda, I miss you and she started kissing me and I kissed her back, am starting to like this, her kisses i mean, she is so good at it we stopped she was just smiling at me
"I thought I would never see you again but its good to see you I was looking for you but I didn't get your last name so it was very difficult for me to find you"
Why would you be looking for me? I just wanted to ask you a question: why am I so nervous about this? What do you want to ask me?
Well I want to ask if you would like to go out with me? Oh my God she just asked me out! What am I going to say? What should I say, I have kids. What will she say if she finds out let me just tell her now so she knows what she is getting into if there will ever be something....
Look I would love to go out with you but I have kids, I just got divorced The way she was looking at me I know that look, men do it all the time when you tell them you have children they won't be interested again so I just looked at her and said
"don't worry we can just be friends. I know you don't want to date someone with kids, especially someone with not only one but three kids'' I was walking out when she held me back and kissed me again...
Look Amanda I am shocked
okay because after having three kids you still look so    
beautiful and who in their right mind would divorce someone as beautiful as you, untouched her cheek, look I like you a lot and I would love to take you out I mean if you still want to go out with me I just smiled and kissed her I would love to go out with you Sam.
When Amanda got home I didn't even let her take off her shoes. I dragged her to the couch since the kids were at my parent house and we have a lot of time to talk.
So are you ready to talk now?
Okay its was Sam I had sex with
Yes! I knew it I started screaming I knew you had sex but why didn't you tell me? is it because it was with a girl
She looked down, look I don't care who you like and have sex with am happy if you are. she just smiled and thanked me
So how was it?
How was what? I stared stared at her
come on how was the sex because from what have gathered she has a dick so how good is she Seriously Raven am not telling you about my sex with Sam.
Come on Maddy you got to tell me and I will tell you about me and Ethan sex months ago
What! You had sex with Ethan Why am I just hearing of this
I know I know I wanted to tell you but you were busy and so was I, I could not tell you am so sorry
Don't worry all is forgiven, so how big is she?
Oh my God no Raven, come on! I pouted
OK! ok it was good No how big and long is her dick Maddy
Alright Sam is very big and huge I think her dick is eight inches, she is so good babe I mean the girl got me sore for days,we started laughing what about you Raven, well I will say six and the half since I was not that sore but its was so good it made me realise how much I miss sex and miss him
Are you sure you were missing him or was it the sex you miss more, haha very funny Maddy.
I have to tell you something Raven Okay what is it?I have a date with Sam tomorrow
Oh my gosh oh my gosh why didn't you say this since this is the best news but I have a better one to tell you, okay am listening
Am pregnant, oh my God this is the best day ever have you told him
no I just found out this evening, I bought pregnancy test
How many did you use? Five! just to make sure its positive,
Am so happy for you babe we hugged, you need to tell him come on call him and tell him.
Why don't I surprise him, I mean his birthday is coming up in two weeks so that will be a nice birthday present what do you think?
I love the way you think Rav, who knew you had it in you, she started laughing while I chased her around. Come here you bitch..........

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