Chapter 26

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Amanda and Raven POV

It's been over five month now since me and Matt got divorced and to tell you the truth I was not happy about it but I had to let him go and move on but am so done with dating men, yeah I know what you are thinking and is true I always had a thing for girls. I remember kissing this cheerleader when I was in highschool, she was my first kiss and I really liked it but when I met Matt I don't know I just fell for him he was everything I always wanted in a man so I guess I just didn't explore my sexuality but lately have been thinking about it I think am bisexual.
How did this happen? It was that stupid party Raven asked me to go with her that I needed to have fun that is how it started now am having a crush on that green eye girl
Few days ago
I have not been talking to Ethan for weeks now and he thinks i'm avoiding him which am not. A lot of things have been going on here but he won't understand I mean my best friend is going through a divorce but that is over now thank God and the restaurant has been really busy so I don't have a lot of time to see him which is bad but my parent later got to meet my Blue and she loves them so much she has been spending a lot of time with our family both Ethan's and mine and she doesn't go alone Amanda's kids are always with her because Maddy has been very busy and a little depressed with the divorce. So the kids had been going to school from there but now all that is over
Ethan sent me a message telling me to come for this birthday party and I think this is what me and Amanda needs after all the stress so I told her about it and she said yes
So here we are at the house party, how will I even find him but that was taken care of because someone directed us to him, I was so happy to see him he hugged me and we excused ourselves, we started talking I apologise and told him what had been going on am even surprise he was listening to what am saying, he has changed a lot. Ethan of before would not be interested in what you were saying we talked a lot about work, family and our child then we started talking about us and about the sex we had he said "Raven I know it was too soon to have sex but I don't regret it and I want you back in my life if you still want him, I do want want you Ethan but let just take this slow okay? Sure babe anything you want, thank you and we kissed.
I don't even know why I agreed to go to this party with Raven okay I remember I want to start again, I mean start dating and and having lot and lot of sex, what? Do you expect me to keep crying over that idiot nah I can't do that, have been drinking since all the guys that approached me are not my taste as I was taking my drink this girl appeared from nowhere " hey are you okay, you just sitting there and looking bored Yeah that because i'm bored,
Okay so let me keep you company
I stared at her and said I would love that.
We started talking before I know it am following her to this room and then the next day am sleeping naked with this girl I don't even remember what happened or her name but am sure we had sex because am sore and this girl got a dick which am surprise because its huge I stood up wore my cloth and left the room quietly then I saw a text message from Raven telling me Ethan dropped her off last night and I must tell her what happened between me and that dude I was going up with. She did not know it was a girl. I went to my car and drove off. Since that day I have been thinking about that girl and her sparkling green eyes. I smiled thinking about her.
How I wish I remembered her name but I know it started from S but that all maybe it's because of the necklace she was wearing it had a symbol S on it but I don't remember her name.
Raven have been asking me about what happened for a few days now, the kids are home gosh I miss them we have been going out and having fun but that did not stop Raven from asking me who the dude was I told her I don't remember but she knew I was lying but I don't even know how to tell her that it's not a dude that it's a girl A very beautiful green eyed girl, I think i'm crushing hard on this girl.......
Have been asking Amanda to tell me about this dude but she is saying she doesn't remember I know she is lying anyway Ethan told me he has this get together thing with his friends that I should come with  Amanda to his house that they will just have some drinks talk about each other, play some games I know its going to be fun so I told Amanda about it and then we were on our way to Ethan place I wanted to ask her about the dude but I know when she is ready she will tell me.
When we got there Ethan and I started talking he started introducing us to his friends then we got to this guys that were standing talking to each other the first one already noticed us but the other turned to see who he was looking at and it was a girl but she was not looking at me or Ethan she was looking at Amanda and what was more surprising was how Amanda was looking at her shocked as well
Amanda what are you doing here, it's so good to see you again? You just left without a note or something I thought I would never see you again
Oh my God the dude Amanda was with was a girl and not any girl but Samantha.

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