Chapter 25

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Wow we just had sex, I had sex with Raven, how badly I want to go back there and do it again its was so beautiful I can't even call that sex, we made love yeah that the right word for it


Raven POV

Wow we just had sex, I had sex with Raven, how badly I want to go back there and do it again its was so beautiful I can't even call that sex, we made love yeah that the right word for it
Raven POV
Holy shit Ethan I forgot to pick Blue and Amanda is here with her you need to leave
Bu-but why? I pouted like a baby, stop pouting. Why should I leave am not going anywhere I want to be here with you,
You have to leave do you want our daughter to see you like this, please let go down you pass through the back door
I wore my clothes and looked at her, promise me we will talk about this? I promise just go!
Nope, kiss me first and I will leave
Alright! I kissed him and he smiled I will see you later babe he kissed me again
Amanda has been knocking at the door for a while now, I checked myself again before opening the door, then her children came in and greeted me with Amanda behind them but she was not looking good nor happy. Amanda are you alright? What the matter, she just looked at me and started crying. Kids go upstairs while I talk to your mom okay? Yes aunt Raven.
Amanda come on talk to me, what is going on. She just looked at me and said Matt is cheating on me and he wants a divorce!
Oh my why would he do that, how did this happen am so sorry babe, she was just crying on my shoulder, he really hurt her how could he do that, who the hell would cheat on Amanda I mean the girl is smart, beautiful, a wonderful mother who the hell would cheat on her or even divorce her. Am so sorry babe what are you going to do now?I mean what about the kids what are you going to tell them!
Amanda POV
He said he doesn't want to see them anymore that he just want a divorce, he even called them bastard Raven that idiot called my kids bastard
My God how did this even happen?
Well me and Matt have been having issues for some time now, why didn't you tell me Maddy am your friend! I know I know
I wanted too but you have been dealing with your own problems with Ethan and your family so I thought I should just handle this by myself
But last night he didn't come home, he has been doing this for some month now always travelling saying his boss sent him to this country or that for one stupid business and you know me well Raven I always know when someone is lying especially Matt i mean am married to him and he is always nervous when he lies and he won't even look into my eyes to tell me where he was going to.
So I called him last night asking him were he was he told me he was at this hotel for some important work that he will get home late but my mom came to see the kids so I told her to watch the kids she said she can't stay long that she has a date with her boyfriend but she will put them to sleep before she goes which she did because she sent me a message
When i got to the hotel i asked them for his room number, which they refused to give me i paid them to tell me his room that am his wife and I wanted to surprise him, so i went to his room that he was using and the door was not locked because i know Matt he does not like locking his door even our room door is always open, I went in only to see him having sex with his boss, that bitch that fucking old bitch! I left I couldn't say anything i wanted to call you but I knew you would be asleep
So he came home and saw me in the living room instead of the idiot to apologise to me instead he started asking me what I was doing at the hotel we started yelling at each other and the next thing he said was "I don't love you anymore Amanda, I want a divorce", bu-bu but what about the kids? What about them look Amanda it's over, this marriage is over and the kids I don't want to see them again I will sign any papers just for you to have them "I don't want to have anything to do with those little bastards'' I slapped him Raven he looked at me and told me to leave his house with the kids but Raven the kids saw everything, but they haven't said anything since we left the house, I don't know where to start from babe what am I going to do
Am so so sorry you have to go through this I hugged her but what are you going to do I asked am going to sign those divorce papers Raven but I need a place to stay with the kids I don't want to stay with my mom and her boyfriend
Can I please stay here for a while.
Babe you don't need to ask you can stay here as long as you want! Thanks babe, go lay down let me prepare something for the kids to eat alright? Yeah no problem
Kids! come and eat your food is ready they all came down and ate there food Amanda kids were very quiet they are not happy with what is going on so after breakfast Amanda sat them down and told them what was going on
kids your father and I are getting a divorce and am so sorry you had to see us yelling at each other it's okay mom we understand Daniel said, dad is always busy and he doesn't want us anymore Ella said short for(Daniella) they started crying am so so sorry kids You don't need to apologise mom, dad is a jerk
don't say that word Dani(Danielle) he his still your father
He his not our father mom and we just have to get use to it which we have
He was not always around, he missed our games, birthday party so we will be okay right mom?
Yes kids we will be alright because mommy is here to protect you
But mom where are we going to stay? I want to stay here with Blue Dani said, and with Aunt Raven too but there was something about how she said Blue's name she was blushing. I knew she likes Blue more than just friends. Don't worry kids, you all will be moving in with us. I mean this house is big enough for all of us so you guys will be staying here from now on.

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