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Max's pov

   "Hey Bresfort! Wait up!"

I froze when I heard her voice call out for me. I was about to pull open the door to my car, but she had stopped me. I had tried my best to ignore her the rest of the school day. And trust me, it wasn't easy.

She had been everywhere, literally every class I had, she had too... Anywhere I looked in the hallway, she was there. God, it was so frustrating.

I turned, wearing a hard look. "It's Max." I told her when she reached me.

A side smile blessed her face as she held on to the strap of her bag. "Okay, Bresfort. How are we gonna do this? Your place or mine?"

"Do what?" I snapped.

"The tutor thing."

I groaned. "Give me your phone."

She smiled, sliding her phone out of her pocket, and handing it over to me. I took it, and punched in my number, giving myself a call so I would have hers. I shoved it back to her direction.

"There, I'll call you to come over." I said, turning again.

"When? Today? Should I get prepared?" She said, biting her lower lip and wiggling her brows.

Was she trying to tell me something?

"Wait for my call, Cherry." I said, turning, opening the door and getting straight inside my car without so much of a backward glance.

I fired up my engine, and drove out of the school grounds. "That looked heated." Enzo said from beside me.

"That was me fixing up a date for the tutor thing, that was me working."

"Sounds like this is you trying to convince yourself that that was you working."

"Shut up Zack!" Enzo and I yelled in unison.

"Sorry." He muttered, shrinking back into the back seat.

Zack had a really loose mouth. But the main reason why I still kept him around, was because he seemed like a pretty good third eye, and I could still have a really good use for him in future.

He was sharp, and honestly, didn't look scared of me. He wasn't as chicken as Santos who actually peed his pants.

Anyway, We really had to find Alessandro's son. He was the key to bringing Alessandro out of his hiding place, finding the parcel, and putting an end to all this crap. Once and for all.

"I got a text today. There's been a new discovered hawk hide out."

"Yeah? Did you work on it?"

"I sent some men over there, but I haven't gotten a word back. When we get to the Bresfort mansion, I'd filter up some of the best men... Kill the Hawks and spare just one for questioning."

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