Chapter 24

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Raven POV

I went to pick Blue up but she was already sleeping so I left her there  and went home, I was so tired since I had a stressful day so I just slept with my cloth on too tired to take them off
I went downstairs to make breakfast when I heard a knock, only to open it and see Ethan with flowers and my favourite chocolate wow so he did remember what I liked I told him to come him in
He started apologising and he told me he loves me my heart started beating rapidly he still loves me alright that is all I needed to hear I kissed him, wow he still tasted like Cinnamon we stop for a second then we continue, he kissed me hard
Somehow we were on my bed our clothes ended up on the floor and I couldn't stop moaning as Ethan kept licking and biting and sucking my neck. I racked my nails down his back and he groaned, his hand going down to grab my legs and lifting it so I could wrap it around his waist, his finger traces the outline of my pussy lips the other hand was caressing my breast and his lips on my skin at that moment his  fingers entered me and I cried out in pleasure.
Ethan set a fast pace making sure to brush my clit every time he penetrate me, I grasped at him, scratching his back and squeezing him with my legs urging him to go deeper
"Ah Ethan so good... don't stop please" I begged him. He responded by going faster and it wasn't long he had me calling his name as I came hard.
I flipped us and I started stroking his rock hard dick, massaging the tip before sliding my hand down his length, Ethan moaned loudly as one of my hands slowly caressed his dick while the other massaged his balls
I was straddling him. I kissed down his chest until I reached his hard dick. I kissed around it, I moved up towards his dick slowly taking him into my mouth as we made eye contact, he let out a husky moan as I started to twirl my tongue around the tip of his dick. I bobbed my head feeling him hit the back of my throat as I sucked him till he came
I pressed his manhood against my soaked core and his breathing hitched, love are you sure you want to do this, I just nod he lined up his dick at my entrance, he groaned as his massive dick continued to stretch me out, he pushed his hips thrusting into me hard and filling me completely, he started moaning and moving fast his name was on my lips as I moaned uncontrollably
"Fuck Ethan, faster", I breathed as his hand started to massage my breast and started to pound into me relentlessly as his head dipped down and his lips crashed onto mine
I started shaking the familiar sensation starting to course through my body. Ethan continued to pound me, I clenched around him as I screamed his name as the most powerful orgasm ripped through me yeah it's been a while.
" Holy shit Raven''. Ethan breathed as I pulsed around his dick, he quickened his pace and his dick hardened inside of me and twitched. He let out a long husky moan before he thrust hard filling me completely as he came inside me, cursing while we climaxed together.
After he finished he collapsed down onto me and nuzzled  his face in the crook of my neck he kissed my neck softly as he wrapped his arms around me tightly. We laid for a moment both breathing as we tried to catch our breaths
Then there was a knock
Holyshit Blue!

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