Chapter 23

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Ethan POV

I later got a call from Amanda telling me to drop Blue at her place that Raven went to dinner with her family
I went to the club to see my friends and drink I really needed to drink so I told them everything that happened
Dude I can't believe you have a child but what you did to Raven was bad you need to work on your anger issue and try doing little things to show her you still care for her and ask for forgiveness am sure everything will be fine
I hope so
I went over the next day with chocolate and flowers to apologise, Raven opened the door and look at what I was holding she can't resist it, its her favourite chocolate and a card I wrote
Am sorry please forgive me
she just took the chocolate and told me to come in we sat down and I started apologising am sorry about what I said yesterday I didn't mean that, I guess I was jealous
I-ii-i still have feelings for you Raven Why will you be jealous of Dave the guy his gay and I didn't know you still had feelings for me I thought you moved on
How can I move on, you were my everything and you still are. I know I hurt you love and am very sorry no word could describe how sorry I am and I know it's gonna take a lot of time for you to forgive me. I just want you to know that I still love you. I always will and I will do anything for you to forgive me. Am so before I could finish my word Raven kissed me she kissed me oh my God........

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