Chapter 22

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Raven POV

I was angry and crying, Dave was just consoling me only for that idiot to insult me I am so done with him I can't even believe I was actually thinking of forgiving him and trying to work out our issue
Then I got a call, guess who? my parent or should I say my ex parent I don't even know what to call them anymore I don't even want to pick there call am so angry right now and picking this call will just add fuel to fire
I need to talk to Amanda right now so I left, I know he will bring blue home when she was ready to come
I called my friend and we met up I told her what happened she just look at me and said let it out, immediately I started crying
"I love him so much why does he like hurting me
You need to see the way he was talking to me Maddy am so angry and disappointed, I thought we could work things out I guess I was wrong"
"Oh babe don't give up on him I know you are angry and am sure he feels bad for what he said" why do you keep supporting him!
am not, look things will be alright just don't be mad at him but I can go there and break his car if you want, I started smiling she knows when to make me happy when am sad so I told her about the call and showed her my parent text messages apparently they want to have a family meeting with their children, so now am considered as one of their children.....
You do know you have to forgive them right? and you must attend this meeting.. "Are you crazy after what they did to me, nope am not going anywhere"
Come on Raven they are your family you have to talk to them, you can't stay mad at them forever you know everything happens for a reason you need to let go of that anger and forgive them alright.... I guess you are right
Babe am always right now call them back or send a text message tell them you will be there for the dinner now go clean yourself up I will call Ethan to bring blue to my place, alright thanks and how did you get Ethan's number
she just smirked and winked at me I have my ways
Alright get going I will see you later....
Here I am at my parent house the last place I wanted to be but I think I needed this we all need this, I knocked and my sister opened the door am glad she came cause i'm gonna need all the support right now we sat down and ate after that the apology started
"Raven We are so sorry for what we did dear please find a place in your heart to forgive us"mom said
I just looked at them and said, "you I pointed at my brother, you slapped me and sent me out after all the promises you made to me about always being there for me and protecting me
My own mother and father called me names and even disowned me and you want my forgiveness after everything you did to me you did not even trust or believed your own blood why should I even forgive you"
We all started crying but what can I do I need to forgive them but it will take a lot of time to forget what they did to me so I just told them I forgive you guys after all you are my family
They just cried more and smiled at me and thanked me then they asked about my daughter if they can see her that we could have dinner again and I can come with her....Gosh They are pushing their luck
I told them I needed time to think about any family bonding. Right now I just want to go home to my daughter,
so goodnight I will call you when am ready for it.

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