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Hey wolfves we can do story time and then we will drum roll plz *drum roll* talk about my retarded life (idk y i put retarded) i didn't plan what story I should do let me think *5 hours later* *5 days later* ⏳⌛️ ok i'll tell about the time I got my first pet (NOT A FAMILY PET hint hint) I was a 3 year old and my sister's friend's dog got out of the house and always came to my house for some reason and they always came to go get it but one time they came the 2th day and I took off the collar I thought it was choking it they came to get it then I relies i wanted a dog so I think i cry to get him i can't remember what happen but we when to some lady and her to dashounds had babies and I chose the one that didn't have clothes on (doggy clothes) and when we were driving back I thought it was a girl so i try naming him priness and/or prince my older sister (not my older half sister) named him Dash and he like the name she gave him (and now she calls him hers and start screaming at her that he is my dog not hers but thats a story for later)and i still have him and he is 8 years old and he could live for 12 more years *chants 12 more years overxbig number* AND TO MY RETARDED LIFE should i make a new book? You guys chose i might be sleeping in and read my lord of the rings book next week. WAIT you may ask don't you have school next week? No,its thanksgiving brake and week get a week off...YAY🎉🎊🎈! So,what are you guys doing for thanksgiving my family doesnt know if we're going to my grandma's(ugh i hate her) place my aunt's(she really my cousin but we call her tiná i mean aunt and her children cousin even tho their my neice and nefuse)place ir we are staying home see ya wolves i guess DRUGS R BAD wait i ain't no adult but don't do drugs please😔

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