Chapter 21

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Raven POV

See what I was saying a control freak, I just looked at him and said "you don't own my neither are you my husband" so please stop trying to control me am not that girl anymore I do what I want to do so fuck off then I left him there and told someone else to serve them being done with his nonsense he can't come back to my life just because we have a kid together... No, I will not let him try and control me again. Never!

Ethan POV

She works here, why will she work in this kind of place,how did she even get the job. Then I asked her to quit her job. Her reply was surprising. For God sake I am not controlling. I just don't like her working. I have the money to take care of her and my kid. She doesn't need to work. Yea I got pride. Who doesn't?
Okay she's right I am controlling am the reason she is here in the first place if I had not file for a divorce all this would not have happened guess am at fault then
I hurt her again I should try thinking about how she feels about it and stop making decisions for her God am so stupid
I should apologise to her, I ran after her only to see her hugging a guy and he was consoling her now am jealous who the hell his he why will he be touching my Raven like that yes my Raven... yeah right possessive much
I was so angry I approached them and blew up again Raven who is he? his he your boyfriend? is he your sex buddy or something before I could say something else Raven slapped me
You disgust me, why will you say that to me you no nothing about me, you know what?
I don't want to fucking see your face again unless it's about our daughter then she left.
Alright that slap brought me back, I don't know what is wrong with me I guess i'm just jealous or something... The guy just looked at me and said just so you know Raven and I are just friends and am gay and happily married
Am sorry I didn't know stop apologising if you want to win back your ex start fixing things and I think you should try fixing yourself first because Raven is not the problem you are... What does he even mean by oh my he his talking about my behavior and attitude, I think he his right I do have some anger issue
I have to work on that if I want things to work out between me and Raven.

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