As I feel myself fall, make a joke of it all...

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The next couple of weeks were really relaxed. Niall and I both got a free month so we had the time all for ourselves. I was silently excited about the proposal, but after a week I kinda forgot about it. Figured it will happen sooner or later. So we spent our days mostly at home watching TV or just chilling.

Maura and Greg stayed for three days and then they went baqck to Ireland. I wanted to go there too, but Niall wanted to stay in LA. My mum also left in a couple of days. She got bored. Elena was at our place almost every day and we spent most of the time together. Well when i wasnt busy with Niall of course. She took me shopping and stuff and I noticed teenage girls watching me and smiling. Big 'Neah' fans.

The song was almost recorded and all we need to do was come up with an idea for the video. I suggested Australia since I was never there before and Niall agreed. Joshua didn't like the idea. But we'll figure out something to make him go with it.

Today Elena and Harry were finaly going on their honeymoon. They were going to Romania. Vampires and stuff. She's totaly obsessed with it. Niall and I went to their place to say goodbye and help with carrying the stuff. But when we got there they were already packed so we just said our goodbyes and went to the airport with them.

When we arrived they had about half an hour to spare so we went to get some coffee. I'm gonna miss Elena. She was my 'diary' for the last 2 months. Well shes gonna be back in 2 weeks. I'll have her all to myself then.

After 20 minutes we hugged, cryed a little and then they left. Niall and I went back to the house and got bored. We were thinkng about what we could do when I got a call from an unknown person.


"Hi. Is this Leah Allen?"

"Yeah, its me. Who's this?"

"Hey, its Ed. Ed Sheeran."

I didn't even try to hold it in. I screamed right in the phone and after I was done I heard Ed laughing on the other side. I blushed slightly and smiled when Niall rushed out of the kitchen to see whats wrong.

"Sorry 'bout that."

"No problem love. You see, I was wondering, maybe I could help you and Niall with the video? If you'd like of course."

"Oh my God, thats an awsome idea! I just need to ask him first. Just... hold on a sec!"

I put the phone away and asked Niall if hes okay with it. He thought for a second and I could've sworn I saw a small smile across his lips. He said yes and I rushed over to the phone again to tell Ed the good news. When I hung up I was smiling like an idiot.

"You really like this idea don't you?"

"I really do. Now! What are we gonna do for the rest of the day?"

We decided we're just gonna go out for dinner. He took me to a fancy restourant and when I looked at the menu i didnt really understand half of the things it said. It was all french or something.

"Okay this is too much! You order for me!"

He smiled and ordered something that I couldn't even pronounce. The waiter left and we started talking about Harry and Elena. We tryed guessing what they'd do in Romania. Go vampire hunting? If I went on a honeymoon, I wanted to go to Paris. Or Venice. Or Barcelona! Yes, I love Europe. The waiter came back with the food. It looks like chicken. I took a bite. It was like party in my mouth.

With the corner of my eye, I could see a guy, age 22 or something like that, kneel infront of his girlfriend. I turned around to see it better. It was so beautiful! The girl found the ring in a champaigne glass. Cheesy, I know. But so cute.

I noticed Niall was getting uncomfortable so I turned away from the, now crying, couple and tried to change the subject.

"So this is really good! What is it?"

"Usual chicken. Nothing special. If you want something special, you need to go to Nandos!"

He smiled and I chuckled and the evening went by without any awkward situations. When we got back home we saw a light in our house.

"Niall. Did you remember to lock the door when we left?"

"I thought you did."

We looked at eachother with fright all over our faces. We slowly got out of the taxi and as calmly as possible walked towards the house. Niall pointed to the back of the house and I got the hint and went through the back door that lead to the kitchen.

I slowly opened the door and peaked inside. There was noone there. I stepped inside and heard the front door open. Niall wasnt too good with sneaking. I closed the back door and satrted walking to the living room. I saw Niall already checked there and was on his way upstairs, so I decided to check the bathroom. When I got to the door I coul've sworn I heard someone humming. I went back to the kitchen and opened the bottom drawer to see a bunch of keys. Garage, Front door, Back door, Bathroom! Thats the one I need. I took it and went back to the bathroom door. I slowly put the key into the keyhole and locked the door. I heard someone trying to open the door but couldn't. That someone was making so much noise that NIall came back downstairs with a.. purse? My purse? What's he gonna, hit him to death?

"Gimme that!"

I pulled it out of his hands and threw it on the floor.

"Who is it?"

"Oh I don't know! Let me unlock the door for you and ask him!"

"Okay, no need to get all crazy."

"There's a freaking person in our house! How can I not panic?"

"Sorry. You need to chill!"

"Oh shut up and ask who it is!"

He looked to the door and waited a couple of seconds.



"For what? The sunrise?"

"You're annoying sometimes, you know that?"

I chuckled.

"Hello? Who's there?"

"Yeah thats right. You forgot to say please and thank you Nialler!"

He laughed and we waited for the person to answer.

"Hey! Its umm.. Ed. I came earlier and I just made myself at home. Can you unlock me please? I'm freaking out!"

"ED!?" Niall and I both screamed at the same time. I quickly unlocked the door and opened it. In the middle of our bathroom was Ed Sheeran, covered with only a towel.

"I used the shower. Hope you don't mind." He smiled and Niall and I both started laughing our asses off.

I made some hot coco and we went to the living room. Ed flew to LA as soon as I told him we want to do a video with him. We were giving ideas for it and I told Ed I want it to be in Australia and he loved the idea. Yeah, Joshua is gonna have to agree! We decided we're gonna start with the video in a week. And until then, Ed is gonna move in with us. We didn't let him go to a hotel. We called Joshua to tell him the changes and at the end he had to agree with Australia. We even bought the plane tickets. Its gonna be the best video in the history of videos!


Okay so I gained a lot of readers and votes and I just want you to know that this means the world to me! Everyone was always telling me that im good at writing but I just thought they were being nice. So THANKYOU SO MUCH and LOVE YOU and whoever guesses the title and the singer on the lyrics below FIRST, gets a dedication in the next chapter! Love you xx

Cause all I know is we said hello,

And your eyes look like coming home,

All I know is a simple name,

everything has changed...

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