Small Bump (Luke)

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Another request!! Here we go!

"Look at this little bump." Luke cooed as he ran his hand over your ever-growing stomach, knowing that a beautiful being of you two's creation was being knit together inside. You smiled lightly at him. Eight months of cooking a baby was hard work, and you were currently content to spending your days lazing on the couch, waiting for Baby to be ready to pop out of the oven.

"You know, Baby is the size of a cantaloupe right now." you said, placing your hand on your swollen belly. Luke's eyes widened as he imagined what you were gonna have to endure within the next few weeks.

"Wow, a growing baby boy." he marveled, rolling your shirt up to plant a kiss on your belly. You giggled and shifted away.

"Luke, quit that." you whined when he followed you and pressed continuous kisses.

"I'm just giving my baby boy some kisses!" Luke complained as you squirmed and giggled. You felt the movements of your son's feet kicking inside of you. Luke paused as your stomach actually moved slightly, the shape of a tiny foot pushed up against the wall of your uterus displayed on your stomach.

"He's saying hi!" Luke cooed, rubbing your stomach once more before planting one last kiss. "Hi there, little Hemmo."

You sighed deeply, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. You were excited about this baby, of course, but you were terrified of how you would be as a parent. Luke would be on tour for a lot of the time, and it would leave just you and Baby (you hadn't quite thought of a name yet) for a majority of the time.

You felt tears prick at your eyes, the sensation of Luke's kisses no longer being fun and tickly. Luke's eyes widened and he quickly cupped your face.

"Y/N, baby, what's the matter?" he asked, concern etched in his features. You sniffled before letting out a quiet sob.

"I-It's just..." you whimpered, pausing to swallow back a hoard of sobs. "I love Baby Hemmo, and I love you, and I don't wanna be a bad parent. You're gonna be gone a lot and I'm not complaining I promise, I just wish I knew if I would do good being alone majority of the time."

You finished your monologue with a burst of loud, quite unattractive sobs. Luke felt his heart break as he frowned.

"Y/N, you're gonna be a fantastic mother. And what made you think I won't be with you?" he asked, cuddling you up close to him on the couch. "I kind of assumed you and baby would come on tour with me. I mean, I'm sure it'll be difficult, but it's best if he has both of his parents with him."

You hiccuped and looked up at Luke. "Y-You mean it? You w-want us to come with you?" you asked. Luke smiled and wiped your tears away gently.

"Yes, of course baby." he replied. "Besides, the baby is gonna have so many people doting on him. Uncle Ash, Uncle Cal, Uncle Mikey, he's gonna be the most spoiled baby that ever lived."

You smiled a little at the thought of the three tall, loud, lanky men fighting over your son. Luke grinned and placed his hands on your bump.

"You know Little Hemmo, I think Mummy needs some more cheering up. I think she needs more kisses!" he exclaimed before unleashing another attack of kisses on your stomach. Your giggles rang through the house, and you laughed until you could barely breathe anymore, but you were happy.

You knew that Luke would help you take care of things, even in moments of uncertainty. And above all, you knew that Baby was going to have the best life a child could ever ask for.

Here it is! I hope you like it!!

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