Baby moma

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Roddy pov

"Dee you good? "I questioned holding her hair as she threw up in the toilet again.

"No my stomach hurts" she said standing up and she went to the sink so she could brush her teeth

"Wassup with you shorty cause you been throwing up all day yesterday and now today" I said

"I probably ate something bad. That burrito I had yesterday left a sour taste in my mouth" she said

"Shit it's either that or you pregnant" I said and she stared at me.

"Don't speak that into existence" she said

"So what you don't want my kids?" I questioned

"I do but not now. I'm in college and stuff and I feel like having a kid now would make it longer for me to reach my goals"

"So what you gon do if you pregnant?" I said wrapping my arms around her and placing my hands on her stomach rubbing it

"Stop cause I'm not pregnant" she said walking out the bathroom and she layed down on my bed.

"Answer my question tho cause you not gon kill my seed" I said laying on top of her.

"I would never kill nobody and the fact that you even said that just pissed me off" she said trying to push me off of her but I wrapped my arms around her securely and placed my head in her chest.

"Chill the fuck out"

"Move you're hurting me"

"How am I hurting you?

"Cause you on me get off" she said and I rolled over so that she was on top.

"Let me get up"

"Lay with me" I said grabbing her ass

"Stopp I just told you I don't feel good" she said

"So what that got to do with anything?" I questioned

"I don't feel like playing Roddy "

"I'm not playing but aight it's whatever" I said getting her off me and smacking her ass hard as fuck

"Oh my God!" She yelled being over dramatic

"Shut up I ain't even do it that hard" I said and she gave me a mean mug making me laugh

"It's funny?" She questioned getting up and before I knew it she kicked me in my balls making me fall and I dragged her down with me.

"Fuccckkk" I groaned and she tried to get up but I grabbed her leg making her fall again.

"Get off of me" she said once I got on top of her so she wouldn't run

"Nah fuck that" I said putting my whole weight on her.

"Roddy" she said flipping over under me so that she was on her back.

"Sorry" she said pecking my lips and I kissed her back roughly and once she pulled away I sucked on her bottom lip and bit it making it bleed.

"That's why I don't like you. I just apologized and here you go playing" she said touching her lip and then looking at her finger

"And then my lip is bleeding Roddy" she said

"Oh fucking well next time you know not to hit me. Keep your hands to yourself"

"I should be telling you that cause now my lip and my ass hurt along with my stomach" she said

"That's yo fault"

"How it's my fault? You know what don't even answer that just get off me" she said and I continued to lay there cause I ain't give a fuck.

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