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Jimin pov

I open my eyes slowly & make a stretch

Then I looks beside me

She's still asleep

She looks like angel

I kiss her cheek & take a bath

I make a porridge & milk for her

After I done making it, I bring it to my room

I put it on the table beside my bed

I sit on my bed

I caressed her head

'Baby, wake up'

She just hummed & didn't open her eyes


I take a mini towel at her forehead & put it on the table

I touch her forehead, its feels better than last night

She then open her eyes & look at me

She seem shocked to see me

'Where's he?' She ask me & start to look everywhere in my room

'You mean that drunk man?'


'Don't worry, you're are safe now'

She hug me & cry

I pat her head & kiss it

'Oppa I'm scared'

'it's okay, I will always be there for you baby'

'thanks again'

I cupped her face

'auch! It hurts'

Hurts? What does she mean?

'what? Where?'

'My cheeks feel hurt'

'did he do something to your cheeks? Did he slap you?'

She look down & nodded her head

'aish! That jerk! How dare he slap my girl, ugh I feel like I want to slap him right now'

She looks at me & start to laugh

'what? I'm being serious right now, why are you laughing?'

'you can't slap him right now & beside that you already punch him right?'

I look at her with a confuse face

'gomawo oppa' she peck my lips

I cupped her face again

'auch! Yah pabo! It's still hurt' she hit my arm

'do you want me to make that pain gone?' I ask her with a smirk plastered on my face

'what's it?'

I peck her cheeks

She seem shy & blush

I caressed her head

'here, eat this I make it with full of love' I say as I take a bowl of porridge

'say aaaaa!'

She open her mouth & I feed her

'Gomawo oppa'

She looks like a baby

'I don't want that thanks'

'Then? What do you want?' She looks really confuse now

'I want you to kiss me when you want to take another bite of my porridge'

'aish! Silly' she pouts

'then no porridge'

I stand up

Then she grab my hand

'arraseo arraseo, ppali, I want my porridge' she make a puppy eyes & pouts

Aish! Why so cute Kim Dahyun?

'Kiss me first'

She kiss my cheek & I feed her

It's continue till the porridge is done

She drink her milk

Author pov

Dahyun & Jimin watch some drama at the living room

They are cuddling to each other

Then, they heard a doorbell sound

Jimin open the door

'Oh Taehyung'

'yo Jimin' Taehyung pat Jimin's shoulder

'Oppa who?'

'Yah! my dubunie!'

Dahyun then look away from the drama & looks at person who call her


She run to him & hug him tightly

'why are they so cute' Jimin thought

'are you okay my dubunie? Did you hurt?'

'I'm okay now oppa, look! I can run to you & hug you'

Taehyung smirk then nudge Jimin

'what did you do to my dubunie huh?'


'aigoo just spill the tea, what did you do to her huh?'

'I just took care of her, that's all'


Taehyung smirk

Dahyun hit Taehyung head

'yah! What's that for?' Taehyung say & caressed his head

'AHHAHAHAHAHA YOU DESERVE IT!' Jimin can't stop laughing

Then Dahyun also hit Jimin's head

'yakh! Dahyunie! Wae?' He glare at dahyun & caressed his head

'now fair' Dahyun clap her hand

Then she looks at both of them

They are ready to hit Dahyun

'oh no!'

Dahyun start to run away & they chase her

Ding Dong!

'WHO'S THAT?' Jimin shout

'It's me Jina!'

'oh! Wait'

'annyeong Dahyun-ah' Jina say & bow at Dahyun

'annyeong Jina-ssi' Dahyun also bow at her

'yo Kim Taehyung!'

'yo Park Jina!'

'since Dahyun & Taehyung here, why don't we hang out together? I really want to hang out with Dahyun together because yesterday we can't'

'she's just recover Jina, so she can't-'

Jimin word got cut by dahyun

'sure why not'

'YAY!!!' Taehyung & Jina scream


Then they laugh at Jimin

-here's a new update, hope you enjoy it,don't forget to vote & comment. Have a nice day/night everyone♡

-also I feel so sad toward Bunga & her son, stay strong Bunga & Noah, Ashraf is such a good husband & dad, every woman need a man like him, they are my fav couple, they really have such a loving family, I can't stop crying when I saw their video, condolences to them

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