Throwing away

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Jin was sitting on a chair of his university cafeteria,taking big bites of his hamburger while he was focused on typing an essay on his laptop,

"Shit the deathline is today.",He growled.

Jin was a cute little innocent baby boy,he might be 27 but he was more like a child.His life was totally different before he met Namjoon his sugar daddy some years ago.

Namjoon is his sugar daddy who got bored of all those women and needed something else,something unique who then met Jin and got attracted towards him because of his cuteness.

Jin had no clue at the beginning,he was just told to obey whatever Namjoon told him to and in return he payed him with everything, house,car,money,expensive clothes. Jin was extremely fascinated by it,he had a house for himself,he had everything he needed,He was happy that he accepted to be a sugar baby.Beside Namjoon used to give him a lot of pleasures.

"Last night was rough.I couldn't complete this shit because of second,third round...I was tired",Jin smiled thinking how Namjoon ate his ass out and cried out loud in pleasure.

"Daddy I'm What do you want me to wear today?",Jin giggled despite of his tiredness and pouted infront of Namjoon who was drinking his expensive whisky.

"Jin come here I have something important to talk about"

Namjoon voice got deep and serious that Jin started to get goosebumps all over his body.He was scared,he called him Jin instead of baby which means he was serious.

Little did Jin knew what was he going to say but he was not prepared for it.."Please dont say it....Please dont say it..."

he whispered slowly and sat beside Namjoon nervously.

"So Jin..I think we just need to stop.",Jin's heartbeats started to race, he froze there completely.His biggest fear of Namjoon leaving him was so close,

"Stop what?",Jin barely spoke.

"Whatever is going on between us let's just stop.Take this blank cheque,you were good for so many years I'll reward you with everything and from tomorrow you don't need to come here.Enjoy your life Jin",Namjoon gave him a blank cheque .

Jin heart broke into pieces.After all he was just an object for Namjoon.What was he expecting that Namjoon will love and pamper him forever?One day it will be over he knew it but why?Why today?He was completely in love with Namjoon,he knew it was wrong even though his heart betrayed him so bad.

they were together for more than 2 years,and after a year he started to like the man and he slept with him just not for the money but actually liked the man.

"But why?You told me that I was good then why?",Jin didn't want to cry but his heart was very fragile that he started to let out tears.

"Because I got bored."

"But You know I like you right?",Jin said wiping his tears away and this time Namjoon frozed instead of Jin,

"See Jin I think we talked about it before starting this."

"Yeah No emotional attachments,no interfering in personal life and all that bullshit."

"Fuck Jin.I never liked you.I was just using you.Beside you were to clingy and dull that I got bored of you often..Please take this cheque and go away",Namjoon stood up.

"And all you care about is money right?I said I love you atleast you could have comforted me, but instead you are acting like an asshole.I never thought that I will propose you this way and end up here like this Joon. You want to end this then lets end this. But like I said I liked you and I stayed with you because I liked you not just because you pay me..but again Yes I know things were different at the beginning..But I eventually started to like you..So, no need to be rude Kim Namjoon",Jin too stood up and threw that cheque in Namjoon's face

"Fine..then dont show me your face ever again"

"I wont",Jin stormed outside Namjoon's house crying and wiping his tears while way back home.

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