Why Is Grading Report Important When Buying Loose Diamonds?

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Your essential belongings like house, vehicles, etc. have titles and registrations. You have the documented proof of their characteristics and features. Diamond is as precious as your other valuable belongings and it's necessary to have a grading report for .

If you are not aware of the gravity of having a grading report, then read below points that explain its importance

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If you are not aware of the gravity of having a grading report, then read below points that explain its importance.

Diamond grading report should not be misunderstood as appraisal. It is a laboratory generated report of stone's exact quality and characteristic.

Grading report ensure that the diamond is natural. It discloses treatment the diamond has gone through to render its color and clarity. The report gives clear evidence that is necessary for a confident purchase.

Grading institutes like AGS, GIA, etc. do not promote and sell diamonds. These are independent bodies that are concerned only about the consumer protection and delivering consumers a quality product. Hence you should buy .

These institutes employ highly trained diamond graders, gemologist and research scientist who assess the diamond and inspect them, depending on the size. The report is checked and cross-checked by number of experts before getting printed.

The examination performed on the diamond by diamond graders is scrupulous and impartial, which makes the report for loose diamonds for sale in Bridgewater NJ and Bridgewater Township, New Jersey is highly accurate and reliable.

A grading report has expert analysis of color, clarity, cut, and weight of the diamond. It also has plotting diagram which shows inclusions on diamond and its light performance.

The 4 C's of a diamond will give you a multitude of information about diamond's characteristics and its worth.

A grading report also identifies the country of origin of the diamond. The place diamond gets mined until it gets in store for sell, the whole process is monitored. So, it confirms that the diamond is conflict free.

A grading report has its unique hologram, security screen, and microprint lines that prevent them from getting forged or duplicated.

Even diamond retailers have recognized that a grading report calls for an instant credibility in the marketplace with customers buy loose diamonds online. Those who buy, sell and curate the diamonds rely on grading reports because of its authenticity.

To Wrap It Up

A grading report of a diamond tells about the characteristics of that diamond. When you ask for a grading report, you know that every penny you have paid for buying that jewelry is worth it. A grading report gives you quality assurance and confirms that the certified loose diamond is genuine.

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