Chapter: 8 Taken

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I listen with a calm, challenge the sounds of peace to keep me along. It was like a sex house in here, literally.

In the middle of the night I was towed away, being bag I was blinded to where I was going or where they were taking me.

Honestly the first thing I hear were sinful moans of may be hundreds of girls, I shiver slightly has I heard men of all ages moan too.

Its even more disgusting.

Images began to appear, I shut it out has I try to remember the happy and peaceful days.

"Is this a new addition, I wouldn't mind taking a piece" some unknown guy said he must be in his 60s the drip of old Britain accent didn't go unheard.

"Touch her and I'll be sure to end your short life" his voice didn't hold back any raw anger, he simply push pass the guy.

I shuddered at his force in no way any of these foul rapist are touching me.

The opening of a door caught my attention has I was thrown down face first on the ground, he walk right on my back.

The pain spread to one of unforgiving, I couldn't help the tears from flowing.

He suddenly grab my hair with such force making me stand up, before I know it I felt pain engulf in my skull.

He slam my head into the wall.

What did I do

I felt something warm ran down my face, I couldn't see a thing and my hands were still bond.

He slam my head again and this time I couldn't help the scream from coming out.

"I'll make sure no one wants you" he whispered in madness, I sob so hard I know my eyes will hurt soon.

"No man will want you" a next slam.

I'm about to block out when I felt myself sat down on a chair my hand still tightly bond. I felt so weak, powerless I couldn't stop the tears not once.

He remove the material around my eyes, at first I couldn't see a thing. The room was super dark but I could see his light brown eyes.

I felt his hand touch my face it wasn't painful but it did hurt.

"You made this happen, now I'll make your life hell," he ran his finger along the outline of my skin in its rise shiver appears, he breaths making sure his lips were close enough to my ear.

"The hell I've live in for the past 6 years", he lifted his head connecting his eyes with mines. I wanted to run but how could I, he bond my hands.

"Shall we begin"

I shook my head rapidly, I didn't want this and what was he talking about.

Tears swell my eyes as I saw him walking closer to where I am. I felt my heart stop when I felt the icy cold feel of a metal brush my skin.

It didn't sit well when the tip of the metal bruise my skin, I couldn't stop the tears.

'Why was he doing this'

I started to thrash trying to break the ropes but it was useless, the ghostly sound of a chuckle came.

The sick bastard was enjoying this.

The tears flow even more has the metal sink deeper, my muffled screams couldn't save my life no matter how hard I try no one will hear me.

He held my face in his grip forcing my face up.

"I ask a question"

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