Chapter 1-Dreaming of My Alpha

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Chapter 1-Dreaming of My Alpha

Madison's POV

I run through the forest with a grin on my face. A few giggles escape my lips as I glance behind me. I see a form chasing me, but instead of feeling nervous or scared, I feel happy and playful. I push myself to run faster when I notice the person is gaining on me.

"You can't run forever!" The voice yells. I let out a few more giggles, but I don't respond to him. I make a sharp turn to the left, which throws the person off. They run into a tree and I laugh again.

"You'll pay for that!" The voice sounds like a male, but its not a voice that I have heard in real life. Only in my dreams.

"Not if you don't catch me!" I yell back. I continue to run and I hear his heavy footsteps behind me. I can see the edge of the forest and I push myself to run faster. I'm almost at the end when I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist and spin me around.

I let out a shriek and I hear a deep chuckle that sends goosebumps up my arms and my heart racing.

"I caught you," he whispers into my ear.

"It seems as if you have, but I could get out of this no problem," I say teasingly. I wiggle in his arms and he slowly turns me around. Since its dark, I can't really make out all of his features, but the one thing that really stands out to me is the sparkling in his vibrant green eyes. He looks so happy and I'm sure I look the same way. I have to tilt my head back to look at him because he's taller than me, but I don't mind.

"I would chase you until the ends of the world just to make sure you always end up in my arms. I hope you know that," he says in a soft, husky voice. His large hands cup my cheeks and I find myself leaning into his embrace.

"I know," I whisper in a daze. He sends me one last smile his face turns serious.

"I have to go now." I shake my head and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Please don't go." I pout and lower my head. I hate this part.

"Don't worry, I'll be back," he says while tilting my chin up.

"When?" I ask. He shakes his head and starts moving away from me.


"Tomorrow?" He shakes his head with a small smile.


"Please don't leave me." His face turns serious again.

"I would never leave you all alone. This is just bye for now, not forever." I swallow harshly before I nod my head.

"Ok," I mumble. He presses a soft kiss against my forehead. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of his warm lips on my cold forehead......

My eyes snap open when I hear a loud howl. I rub my eyes and glance out my window. My window is wide open and I grimace.

I don't want to have to get out of bed to close it since I'm so comfy right now. I try to ignore my open window, but I start to feel a little chilly.

I slip out of bed with an audible groan and quickly close it. I stare out at the night sky, searching for something. The howl sounded so sorrowful and it stirred something from deep within me.

I walk back over to my bed and I crawl back under my sheets. I snuggle into my bed, but I know I won't be getting much sleep tonight.


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