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❝ Everyone has a thousand wishes beforea tragedy, but just one afterward

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❝ Everyone has a thousand wishes before
a tragedy, but just one afterward. ❞
Fredrik Backman

 ❞— Fredrik Backman

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It was during one of my nights at the Grey Swallow's Inn that I, more fortunate than any other, came across a witcher! This was not any ordinary witcher, either. He was none other than Geralt of Rivia—the White Wolf! Using my manly charms (which have all too often worked upon many men and women, as I'm sure you've heard) I convinced the Wolf to allow me to accompany him on his adventures in order to create this bestiary.

Now I know what you must think of me, and of this bestiary. You must think I am telling tales! That I would dare besmirch my credibility for the sake of making a pretty coin for my work but it is desperately inside of me to tell you that is not the truth. I set out on this journey of journeys to create a magnificent collection of honest, sincere information for you, my lovely audience, to better inform yourself and protect your well-being in this devastatingly disheartening world of ours.

I have always been engrossed with the peculiar and perplexing inhabitants of our world. Did you know, dear audience, that we create most of our monsters through being dishonorable or evil? Only by traveling with Geralt of Rivia did I come to understand this. I don't just question what the beast looks like or how it acts, I don't only focus on the ways to defeat such a monster but I also question where it came from and what could have brought it to such hatred. Not every query could be met with an attested answer but we can continue to speculate, together.

Within these pages you will find reliable information on every manner of beast, monster and cursed entity known to humanity. I have recounted the (mis)adventures with the white-haired witcher beyond this point, bringing about to you not just an ordinary bestiary... No. This bestiary is more than the surface, it delves deeply into humanity and the lack thereof that lurks in the world.

It, additionally, should be sufficient evidence to clear the venom from your voice when you spit, "Witcher!" or "Mutant!" at those who dedicate themselves to protecting our way of life. Bigotry is beyond us, is it not? My sources for such information provided are, and can only be, my own eyes and the knowledge of one of the best witchers to grace us with his honorable service, Geralt. Toss a coin to your witcher, you ungodly heathens!

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