Chapter 7- Acchan!

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Furea waved goodbye to Mariko and Michan. She lied down on the bed. She felt better but Mariko, the overprotective Mariko says to rest for one more day. Furea jumped out of bed and lounged around for a long time. She desperately wanted to have another dance lesson with Ushiyama. "Furea Hoshina please report to Kaori's office, once again, Furea Hoshina, thank you have a nice day."a lady announced. Furea's eyes widened. No one was allowed in Kaori's office. Furea walked into what looked like a spiritual place. She felt weak but she continued to walk. Her eyes were getting heavier and heavier by the minute. She passed out.

Hours later Furea woke up. "Seems that your fever has gone down. So, shall we begin?" Kaori smiled. Furea looked at her with a puzzled look. Begin what?

"I forgot to explain. The fever you had showed that your soul and body developed the same feelings and soul of one of those who we call the original members. In other words you are ready to become a successor." Kaori explained. Furea's eyes glistened with excitement.

"Successor? You're serious?" Furea asked happily.

"Yeah. It was obvious. Your kirara shined more brightly than any member I've seen in my years of work." Kaori smiled.

"Thank you!" Furea exclaimed.

"Okay, let's start with the set list then. The opening act will be your teamates. Next you'll perform with the successors, the encore will be your singing, and the akb00048 catchphrase. Any questions?" Kaori explained. Furea was silent.

"Well, if you need anything I'm right next door. You are to stay here untill further notice. Your concert will be in three days, preaperations will take long so please be patient. I'll be coming back once in a while to take care of you. Bye then." Kaori explained.

"Good bye Kaori-san." Furea smiled. Kaori smiled back and left in her fancy kimono. Furea prayed. She closed her eyes and had one thing on her mind. Please let me become a great successor. Please let my future be fun  and full of adventure. Furea opened her eyes and sat there in silence.

Mariko and Michan went into the dance studio and greeted everyone properly.

"Okay Michan, let's work hard today." Mariko winked.

"Spicy! Okay! Mariko-sama!" Michan exclaimed. The music blasted throught the speakers. The successors were in perfect sync. Michan and Mariko were in the front dancing with passion. Mariko thought of Furea. How she wanted to surpass cancer. How they've gotten closer. She only smiled. Michan danced with her love. She also thought of Furea. She thought of how her smile was just enough to encourage herself to do better. Mariko and Michan danced greater than the successors. Ushiyama complimented them and practice was over before they knew it.

"Good Job Mariko!" Michan exclaimed.

"You didn't do so bad either." Mariko smiled.

"Spicy!" Michan winked. They laughed. Sashiko came over.

"Hello guys! You seem to be more energegic today. I'm glad." Sashiko winked.

"Thank You!" Michan smiled.

" Sorry everyone, I couldn't visit Furea-chan the last time, my schedule was so packed!" Sashiko apologised.

"It's fine, we understand. She's feeling better now." Mariko smiled a warm smiled. Sashiko took out one of her pictures and scribbled her signiture across it.

"Give this to Furea-chan for me, 'kay?" Sashiko winked.

"Right." Michan and Mariko smiled. Sashiko smiled and they waved goodbye.

"Okay Michan, let's get our jobs done early so we can spend the whole day with Furea." Mariko suggested.

"You've got that right, Mariko-sama!" Michan winked. They laughed and went their seperate ways. Though they were far away they carried the same feelings. When we get back Furea will smile again, she won't be in pain anymore. Mariko was doing her commercial with those same feelings.
When we get home, Furea-chi will smile for sure. Michan posed with those same feelings. After both Michan and Mariko were done with their jobs they ran to meet eachother.

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