Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I stared outside into the darkness of the night and could hardly see anything. Except for the occasional sign or car. Looking out the window was no longer satisfying my boredom as I let out a yawn. Glancing at the clock on the dashboard I realised it was way later that I was expecting, 1am already! Gladly to be away from all of this nonsense, I slowly drift off to sleep. Before I lose complete consciousness I hear a small murmur of, ‘goodnight princess’. How dare he.

I sit up gasping as I see the time is 6am. I wasn’t expecting to get 5 hours of sleep! Out of know where, Dan appeared right in my face. I didn't dare move. He looked really angry and his eyes were bright red, I wasn’t sure what to do so I punched him in the face. Stupid I know. The stupidness was really evident when the pain set in. I have never been in so much pain in my whole life (physical that is) his face was as hard as rock. I screamed in pain and burst into tears. I looked back at his face. He looked shocked and a bit upset. I continued to cry until I had no tears left.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," He explained.

"Yes well you did, and how come that didn't hurt you?" I had just realised he didn't even react when I hit him or move.

"Little one, you have lots to learn about our kind!" He finished off with a smug little face and I had no idea what he meant.

I was still a little bit teary and he glanced at me and stated flatly, "Oh cheer up Katie!"

Hours and hours passed and soon we reached a small village where there were people wandering the streets. Although they didn’t seem to be normal, they were almost as pale as ghosts. Weird.

The car pulled up to a very large mansion and soon I was being pulled out of the car and dragged quickly through the crowd of staring people. In fact I think I was almost being carried.

"They are thirsty!" The boy I recognised to being the driver, Ben I think it was panted.

"I reckon.” Dan replied arrogantly, "Get her inside now." He pointed towards the mansion ahead.

Ben gaped, "But..." but was interrupted by a stern voice coming from Dan, “Don’t argue.”

Dan was passing me to Ben but I couldn't take no more so I let out a piecing scream and jumped out of his hand ran for the car sat in the seat and pushed down on the accelerator as fast as I could. I was going at least 100  kilometres p/h and I looked out my window to see Dan running right next to me not even tired he looked at me and nodded. Then he opened the door while I was driving and pulled me out. We landed on the ground on top of each other. I looked up to see the car being stopped by Ben and then I jumped up and started running.

I didn’t get very far.

"Don't run sweetie, you ain't going to get anywhere" Dan scooped me up and ran back to the mansion and softly but swiftly dropped me on the floor in front of another man, again of similar age as me. He looked quite similar to Dan. Then again he also looked smarter. I sat staring up at him as he glared down at me.

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