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Wren has been running around the house like a madwoman all morning; making sure everything is in order for when Oakley arrives. After Oakley graduated high school, she took a year off from school and left for her first year of college last fall. Now... she is coming home for summer break.

I have to admit, I really do miss her smart mouth.


But I do miss her. She made sure to keep everyone on their toes.

I hear several loud thumps followed by a slew of curse words from Wren and jump up off the couch to investigate. When I walked into the hallway, I see Wren sitting at the bottom of the steps, tossing clothes back into the laundry basket; quite angrily I might add.

"You alright," I ask, kneeling down to help her pick up the clothes.

"I'm fine," she sighs and looks up at me through her long lashes, her dark eyes boring into mine. I love it when she looks at me like that. "I was rushing and slipped."

"You know what I think?" I asked and push myself to my feet. I help her up and pull her close, "I think you need a break."

She nods and pecks my lips. "I love you," she whispers against my lips and I smile.

"And I love you," I tell her, pulling her body closer. She is the best damn thing that has ever happened to me.

A smirk tugs at the corner of her lips, "Prove it."

My dick switches in my pants.

It's amazing; even after eight years of marriage, she still manages to take my breath away. I crash my lips to hers and she let's out a boner worthy moan. She parts her lips allowing me full access. Our tongues battle for dominance; neither one of us willing to surrender.

"Ew...get a room," Axel's voice interrupts our heated moment. Thank god for Axel. I was about to take her right here.

Wren snorts and pecks me softly on my lips. "Hey buddy, how was you're last day of school?" She asked.

"Good," he chirps. "We watched a movie."

Axel; who will be ten next month, may look like me, but he acts a lot like his mother. He loves school, he gets good grades and he's kind. But don't take his kindness for weakness, his fuse is just as short as mine. Just this year, he was suspended five times for fighting.

I'm just glad school's out for the summer.

Wren tries to pull away, but I shut that shit down real quick. She gives me a questioning look and I bend down to whisper in her ear, "Unless you want him to see how happy I am, I suggest you stay put for a few minutes."

She blushes and buries her face into my chest in embarrassment.

I definitely know how she feels right now.

On the bright side, she knows my attraction towards her hasn't faded. If anything, I'm more drawn to her than ever before. Especially after almost losing her.

I still cringe at the memory; which is enough to kill my boner.

"So," my voice comes out a little hoarse and Axel gives me a strange look. "Is Reese still picking you up later?"

Axel shrugs, "I guess."

Finally feeling comfortable enough, I step away from Wren. She picks up the basket of clothes and goes about her business; kissing Axel on the cheek as she passes him.

Axel crosses his arms and stares at me momentarily. "Don't you think your a little...old, to be, I don't know, doing that?"

Little shit!

"Old?" I snort. Who the hell does he think he's calling old? I'm in my prime. "Let me tell you something, I will never be too old to, well you know," I swat my hand in the air, ending my sentence there.


Wren is so much better with conversations like this.

"Anyone home?" Reese's voice echoes through the house.

Saved by the great, mother fucking Reese.

Thank you, Reese.

"Yeah," I call out.

"Hey," Reese greets us with a smile and throws his arm around over Axel's shoulder. "Are you ready to go?"

Reese and Axel are extremely close; as he is still very close with Greyson and Oakley.

"And where are we going?" Axel asked.

"Now, that's a surprise," Reese winks, causing Axel to roll his eyes.

"Oakley's coming home today," I interrupt. "Make sure you have him home by three at the latest."

If he isn't here when she gets home, Wren will have his head, and mine for fun.

Reese checks the time on his watch, "Well, we better get going then."

Axel gives me a quick hug and follows Reese out; closing the door behind him.

The house is quite. We are alone; which is rare. A devilish smirk tugs at the corner of my mouth.

I think it's time to go find my wife!

I find her in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher. I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her small frame.

"We're alone," I tell her, pressing myself into her. She pushes her ass against my erection and moans.

"Why don't we take this upstairs?" I offer, taking full advantage of being alone.

She spins around in my arms and wraps her arms around my neck, kissing me sweetly. "Sounds like a plan," she whispers against my lips.

I don't know why, but I find that simple gesture a turn on.

Okay, let's just face it. Everything that this woman does is a turn on to me.

I smile and sweep her off her feet, carrying her bridal style up the stairs in a rush. I'm not entirely sure how much time we actually have, but I want to make sure that I don't waste another minute of it.



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