Dear Readers,

I assumed you guys would want to hear about my life story. I wanted to confess this stuff and show you guys that you can share your stories and get help and Im here for support.

This is just for me to tell you.

And I want you guys to trust me, and to trust me, you have to know me.

In grade one, I moved to a new school. I made a friend and she wasn't exactly the nicest. She was cool, but tried to control everything I did. Tried to pick who my friends were, what I did.

So one day, I told her enough was enough and she didn't take it very well. She made all my other friends turn on me.

Years later, I find myself in middle school, head over heels in love a boy named Greg.

So I meet him in grade 4, we find things in common, and I realize he's adorable. I also realize that he's dreaming of being with a girl named Ninka, who likes him back.

Fast-forward to grade seven, im depressed, self harming, crying, and hating myself all because I wasn't good enough for him.

And that's where I am now.

A wreck. A teenage, crushing, irrational mess.

But he's so cute.

I love him. With my whole heart. And im scared he's gonna give his heart away to Ninka and leave mine crushed.

I'm just terrified. I don't know where the future is gonna go. I don't know if I'll ever actually be with him.

All I know is that I care about him and I care about you. I really want things to get better. I don't want to deal with this for much longer.

I have no solutions. I have no endings. There is no moral to the story.

Lead a normal life. Don't end up like me.

I'm an outcast. Especially in my friend group. Im the weirdo. Because they don't understand me, and im afraid no one ever will.

So that's my pathetic life and thoughts and fears and hopes and dreams.

Now you know me.

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