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"Is this it?"

You mutter quietly, staring at the big a$$ door in front of me. You gathered all the courage you had, taking a deep breath and knock on the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Come in."

You gently opened the door as you saw all of them. All of them looking at me, which making your anxiety go in all directions

Stop looking at me! It makes me so nervous danngit!

"Class, this is your new classmate. Please introduce yourself at the front."

The teacher, who has an undercut, brown hair, a scar running on his forehead, and blind eyes. His hands are clasped together, with big beads, like praying to someone.

Tears? Huh? Why is the teacher crying?

You mentally shook off the thought as you went to the small podium "I-I'm [Last Name] [First Name], it's nice to meet you all" you bowed after introducing myself.

Good job anxiety, for making me stutter.

"I'm Gyomei Himejima, your homeroom teacher for.... Poor child... she's gonna deal students like this..." The teacher mumbled at the end of the sentence, in which you could only hear it.

Don't tell meㅡ

"Sit beside Muichiro, Muichiro please raise your hand."

A hand raised up, youlook at the boy who has a long, black hair with minty tips that could mistaken him as a girl. His eyes look so lifeless that he looks like he doesn't care about what is happening.

You saw a vacant seat beside him and decided to sat there, youdropped my bag to the side of the chair and look at him.

"A-ahmm, hey, can I know your name? I'm pretty sure you know mine...."

You asked the boy as he suddenly looks at you like he didn't just heard what you just said.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"


A sweat dropped from your forehead and look at him at him with confusion written in your face.

"C-can I know your name? I think you already know my name so..."

"Muichiro Tokito.... and I forgot your name..."

The boy in question said with no life as you mentally planted your palm on your face.

I just literally introduced myself seconds ago, how could he not remember?

"[Last Name] [First Name]. D-do you pay attention?"

He was looking at the lone butterfly outside the window when you were talking.

Boi, why the f do you have a short span of attention?!!?

And that's how you end a conversation folks. You  look at the blackboard, slightly annoyed and focused at the class today.


"Class dismissed--"

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