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Roddy pov
I woke up to Dee sleeping on top of me naked. Her alarm kept on going off but she was still knocked the fuck out.

"Shorty" I said grabbing her ass

"Wake up" I said pulling the cover off of us and I sat up. I looked down to see her eyes open but she still ain't move.

"Dee aren't you late for class"

"I don't want to go. I don't want you to go" she said picking her head up.

" Dee your going to class. Get up and go get ready"

"I can't walk so carry me" she said and I carried her to the bathroom and we brushed our teeth

"Shower with me" she said as she turned on the hot water. Once I got in she hopped on me and I smirked

"What you doing?" I said and she started to suck on my neck and I could feel my dick getting hard.

"I want to spend the day with you" she said

"Dee you got classes today and that's where your going. I'ma pick you up after alright"

"Mmch ok" she said getting off of me but I held her in place as I inserted my dick inside her.

"Oohh fuckkk don't stop" she moaned as I continued to give her fast deep strokes. Once we both came we washed each other up and got dressed.

"You gon wear these lil ass shorts" I said smacking her ass. "Ouch that hurt" she said rubbing the spot.

"What's wrong with what I got on?" She questioned

"Fuck you mean? You got on booty shorts yo ass is literally hanging out" I said grabbing the part that was out.

"Stop no it isn't" she said lying through her teeth cause it fucking was.

"Dee that's not outside clothes" I said and she smacked her teeth.

"Aight whatever I'm bout to head out cause I got shit to handle but I'm picking you up right after class and I better not see you in them lil ass shorts" I said grabbing my keys.

"Okayyyy" she said dragging it out

"Alright I love you see you later shorty" I said

"Love you bye" she said and I smacked my teeth and went over to her.

"I said I love you shorty" I said pinning her against the wall

"Ok and I said love you bye" she said and I grabbed her face

"Say that shit right"

"I love you too" she said and I kissed her forehead and then her lips.

"That's what I thought" I said leaving. I was on my way to the trap house so that I could get more shit to sell.

"Hey Roddy"

"Wassup" some broads said as I made my way to bossman but I just shrugged them hoes off. Once I got what I came for I wasted no time leaving.

"Hey stranger you can't speak now" Imani said. She was somebody I used to fuck around with.

"Nah cause we ain't on speaking terms so I don't know why the fuck you talking to me" I said

"Oh so that's how it is? Where's all this hostility coming from?" She questioned

"You obviously can't take a hint so I'ma say this shit the nicest way I can. Get the fuck off my dick and I'm not gon say that shit again"

"Ok somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed" she mumbled walking away and I just shook my head. She was the definition of easy.

Once I was all situated and shit I went to my spot and sold some of my product until it was time for Dee to be out of class.

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