Chapter Twenty-Six

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Chapter Twenty-Six

Rushing through the delivery hallway in the Starcourt Mall, Erica yells at us. "Where are we going?" She demands as I rushed behind the lot, making sure Steve, Stiles, or Robin don't get left behind.

"Just trust me," Dustin tells us, I'm putting all my faith in this little boy. Erica and Dustin dragged Steve and Robin, while I was hurrying Stiles along.

Dustin pokes his head through the door into the movie theatre room. "All clear." He clears us and we all filed out the door and into the movie theatre. I looked on my way past of what we were watching, it was Back To The Future.

As I was behind them, I watched Steve grab some popcorn from the rubbish big. "Really, Steve?"

He gave me a grin and laughed at me before hurrying after Robin. Dustin opens the door to the movie, it was playing and there was a big audience.

"Come on," Dustin whispered and we walked down an aisle, before grabbing some seats at the front. There were three spare seats. "You three, sit."

"No, no, no!" Robin hissed at us. "These seats are too close!" They all sat down in the three seats, Robin sitting in the middle.

Stiles looked at me with wide eyes. "Can we watch Star Wars?"

"Ah, Star Wars isn't playing right now, baby," I whisper to him. "But it's Back To The Future, you'll like that movie, I promise."

"Okay," Stiles nods his head hurriedly. "I trust you."

"Dude, these seats blow." Steve munches on some popcorn as they continued to complain about their seats.

"Then don't watch the movie," Dustin tells them.

"We wanna watch it," Robin fires back childishly.

"Then watch it!" Dustin exclaims.

A guy leans forward from behind them. "Shh!" The other three shh's back the poor man who frowned at them and leant back in his seat.

"Sorry," I whispered to the man. I licked my dry lips and cast my gaze down to those three. "Whatever you do, don't... go... anywhere."

"Fine, Mum." Steve rolled his eyes, Robin snickers. I rolled my eyes at their maturity and pulled Dustin and Erica towards some spare seats, thankfully there were three spare seats.

"Okay, it's official." I sighed. "I'm never having kids."

"What are we doing here?" Erica looked over at Dustin.

"We're laying low," Dustin tells us. I slowly smiled. "Cooling off. Like Oswald."

I sighed and slumped in my seat. "Oh, I need some sleep. I'm so tired. I haven't slept in 48 hours." I closed my eyes.

"Oswald was found in a theatre and shot to death," Erica informs Dustin. My eyes snap open.

Never mind, I'm not sleeping. "A week later." Dustin pointed out.

"The point is, his plan didn't work," Erica points out.

"Only because it was a setup," Dustin hisses back.

"What?" Erica murmured.

"He was just a patsy," Dustin explained.

Erica cocked her head. "Tell me you're joking."

I have no idea what they're saying and I let a yawn slip my lips. "Oh, wow, look that? I really am tired."

"Shh!" A lady in the back shh's at us.

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