Chapter 130: Taunt

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“You and I are not equals.” Zayn spat at Ethan. No offensive remarks were needed. The conceited look on Zayn’s face was worth a million words.

The vampire King’s eyes darted up and down the length of Ethan’s body. He analysed Redfern with observing eyes. It was blandly obvious how lowly Zayn viewed Ethan. Even upon knowing that his greatest rival was no longer a puny human with no powers and supernatural strength, Zayn still saw Ethan as a waste of space; a deadbeat fool who was infinitely unworthy of Evelyn’s love.

Zayn Malik and Ethan Redfern stood silently, face to face, for a few moments. Both of their expressions were threatening. Both were trying to stare the other down and gain a point of advantage.

Neither of them were willing to lose.

In the depth of the two’s eyes, there were no mercy or sparks of amiability. Just brooding shadows of determination and pent up assailment that awaited to be released. Of course, what else would you expect from these two? When the trophy of the war was the object of your affection, the love of your life, you would be willing to do anything and everything to win as well.

After all, some of the greatest wars in history were fought over love. Everything in this world is about sεx. Humans strive for success and power to impress and intimidate. Why? All to find the right mate, to reproduce. However, humans are sociable creatures. You all want to be loved, and love is a thing of myths and legends.

Love is rare. Ethan and Zayn both understood that: Zayn especially. Three millenniums he spent trying to find somebody to mend his wounded heart and cure the sweltering misery that preoccupied his every waking moment. Three millenniums, he failed at discovering love with another… Indeed, love is a rare occurrence.

No matter how shallow or vulgar this may sound and no matter how many souls had tried to alter the truth and deceive the masses from this simple, yet overlooked equation.

Love, plus sεx, equalled happiness—love and sεx were two of the most fundamental elements for one to find joy. Love and sεx were the two things out of the many that Zayn wanted from Evelyn. He had the sεx part checked… but he wanted her love as well.

However, he couldn’t have it, because Ethan was the one who held Evelyn’s love.

“My King…?” A brave guard broke the silence. “Would you like for us to take the human away?”

Zayn shook his head, said “He’s not a human anymore…” and smiled. Surprisingly, his mood was marginally lifted. His curiosity had been sparked, and a sense of excitement made the nerve system within his body tingle. His mind shifted back to the present moment. “Venice?” he asked simply, despite already knowing the answer.

Ethan nodded.

Zayn smiled a smile that said I-should-have-know. There were no fear or annoyance in his exterior presentation, just plain amusement, and humour. “Come inside,” he said and pointed to the open door that led into his room.

Ethan wordlessly accepted the offer and advanced into the tiger’s den.

“Bring me some scotch and whiskey,” Zayn ordered one of the guards as he walked pass. The door was closed behind him.

The guards who stations around Zayn’s room shared confused and shocked looks with each other. Each and every one of them had a what-the-hell-just-happened look on their faces.

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