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Most stories about life don't start at the beginning; Life doesn't really start in a definitive place. That's not to say the beginning isn't important, but it's hard to pinpoint where a story should begin exactly. Even though this story has a beginning, there are thousands of years of history behind it that make up the people, and explain why they do the things they do, but I'm not writing a history book. I'm writing the story of my life; the story that has no end, because my life isn't over yet. This is just the story of me and my neighbour. Nothing else. I'm not putting in any unimportant or unrelated things, because I think I see the relationship between me and my neighbour very entertaining. From a stranger looking in, we have a very easy relationship; we hate each other. Even though that may be what it seems, I don't think that we have ever really hated each other. At times - most times that is - I know i felt like he hated me and I hated him, but that just isn't the way that it's working out.

You will have to forgive my one-sided story, but I can only write what I know, and since I don't know anyone else's feelings but my own, those are all the feelings I can report. This is a completely true story, and I cross my heart and hope to die that I am not exaggerating or adding any little details to make it more interesting. This is exactly how it has happened, and if I ever get to the point that I catch up with time, I may have to stop writing for a while until I can see where life has taken me.

I want to warn you now, that as I start from the moment I met him and continue onward, you may be overwhelmed by all of our eventful experiences together, but I promise that in the end it has to work out. I'm still not sure if I'm trying to convince you or me, but I'm sure that at 15 and 18 we have grown as people enough to be civil, so there must be some kind of hope there. ;D

Thank you for reading my little preface.

I love you all.


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