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Yashiro squealed while hiding her flushed face on a manga she was reading, the story was about romance between two highschool students, something she was very interested in. She read the last panels with tears in her eyes and rosy cheeks.

"Ah~ This story is so romantic!" She wiped away her tears.

"Yashiro, are you okay? Are you crying?" Hanako peeked from the bathroom's door with a worried expression, the mortal giggled.

"Hanako-kun, look! Isn't this lovely?" She shoved the book in his face.

Yashiro started to daydream about a scene like that happening to her with her ideal boyfriend.
"I wish something romantic like that would happen to me! A school dance with a charming boy... Maybe if a prince came and rescued me from this toilet cleaning." She sighed.

"No one will come to the rescue as long as I am by your sideee~ You are mine only after all-" He got cut off by Yashiro smacking him with the book.

"Ouch! How mean.." Hanako pouted. "But you know.. I'm muuuch better than that guy!"
"I'm not sure about that..." Yashiro muttered, loud enough for him to hear.

"When have you become this rude? I thought you liked me..." He got closer to the girl.

Yashiro smacked Hanako "I don't like you, you're not even my type!" She nervously laughed.

"Well, we'll see that!" He exclaimed as Hanako cupped her face, Nene didn't have any time to process the situation since the boy had kissed her soft cherry lips.

She didn't hesitate to kiss back, it wasn't perfect but they both liked it. Hanako's lips were slightly chapped and Yashiro's tasted like strawberry and cherry.

They were obviously unexperienced and bumped their noses a couple of times but for them it was perfect. They stopped and looked at each others eyes, both's faces were bright red.

"You say I'm not your type yet you kissed back~"


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