chapter 1

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*Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter* why me... *pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter*why now...*pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter* why did that bitch do this to can this help me. I'm getting a head of myself though let me back up so you now what's going all started yesterday


I was walking down the street on my way home from school.

"Hey Alex..." I stopped dead in my tracks the voice of my rival still booming in my ears

"Hey rick" I turned to face rick and his small group of buddy's.

"How's my favorite fag buddy doing today" I backed up as rick and his friends moved closer. To my dismay I hit the wall of a building...great. They moved in closer and blocked off the last bit of hope I had of escaping. I decided to go out with a bang, and when one of ricks men threw the normal punch at me I ducked and elbowed him in the belly putting him out for a few moments. Next ricks other guy tried to tackle me but I need him in the head and onto the ground putting him out for a few moments. Next was rick but I was not about to wait around and I made a mad dash away, but one of ricks guys grabbed my leg and I fell to the ground. The next thing I knew they where dragging me out of site into the woods by my house. When we all knew we were far enough rick spoke.

"How dare a little s**t like you expect to fight us and not get punished" ricks two guys held me up to a tree and held my arms back while rick began to beat me up. Swing after swing after swing connected to my defenseless body. I began to fad farther and farther from reality. After about 20 hits they didn't hurt anymore and all sound around me faded. After five more hits I blacked out. When I finally came to the where gone but I remanded where I had blacked out. Some of my blood on the trees and plants around me my body aced from the multiple hits. I decided to lay there and one wanted me why try. After about an hour I would guess I heard a voice...a faint voice.

"Alex...Alex...ALEX" I was shocked by the sudden yell. Sadly I couldn't speak mouth hurt too much.

"Get up you lazy piece of s**t" I was again shocked by the voice I was hearing. Then I saw a girl about my age. She was wearing normal teenage apparel (only less reviling) and had an odd glow to her. She stood above me with her arms crossed while she tapped her foot.

"Are you really going to just die here" I finally formed words and pushed them out of my mouth with great difficulty.

"Why...s-shouldn't...I...who...c-c-care's what h-happens to me" her face flared up and I swear there was fire in her eyes.

"Hmm...well you got your wish" I froze at her comment got my wish...was I dead. Fear pushed throw me and I began to panic. When the glowing girl saw this she grinned. Next she pointed her finger at me and all at once I was standing...with no pain.

"Take a look emo boy" I turned and to my horror was greeted by my body.

"Oh f**k" at this the girl laughed I turned back to her.

"Who are you?" the girl grew amused by my question.

"I'm your guardian angel ta f**king da" she had a pretty bad mouth to be an angel.

"Well ms angel what's your name" she smiled


"Now listen up boy I have a deal for you" I grew wide eye at her comment.

"I'm aloud to give those who give up a chance to somewhat redeem themselves" my eye's grew wider.

"It's will "die" and you can go around and see people's reactions and decide if you really want to die" I froze at this comment.

"There's a catch" of course.

"Your spirit will become an animal and you will have to go around an animal"

"What animal" she grinned

"I don't know that's the could be a fish a turtle a dog or even a bug" I frowned at this comment. What if I ended up something bad and couldn't do anything.

"WELL" she demanded. What the hell

"I'll do it" she grinned as she pointed her finger at me again.

"I'll see you a year" a light began to come off her finger. Wait a year?!?!?

"Think of this as a blessing" she grinned again just as the light cut off my vision and I was thrown into a deep sleep. my angel more like smaked by my angelRead this story for FREE!