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The lying cheating bastard...Six years of my life wasted on a man like him.

Shaking the thoughts from my head and stacked up the rest of the moving boxes. The place we once called a home together, the home I thought I would raise my kids in one day is now packed up and has been sold to new owners.

And the truth is I have no clue where I'm going to be living tomorrow, I might have to move back in with my parents all the way back to Philadelphia.
To be fair I only moved to California for college and nursing school, I never planned to stay out here but then I met and I fell in love, what a freaking fool I was.

Because now here I am six years later, aged twenty-six a broken engagement, a cheating Ex- fiancé and I'm homeless, because I couldn't stand staying in the house, that I caught my fiancé in bed with another woman, who also happens to be my god damn cousin.

Yeah, not only was I the fool who fell in love with a guy who was capable of cheating on her. But also, the fool who invited the woman he had the affair with, into their home because she was family.

And I never thought the girl I called my cousin, the girl I grew up with, spent my summers with at our grandmother's beach house, the girl I called my sister, never cousin could ever do anything like that to hurt me, to betray me in a way that cuts so deep and raw but she did.

And now it just feels like everything is falling apart, our whole family has felt the effect of this betrayal. My mother refuses to speak to her brother who is Mia's father.

Which is something that I didn't want to happen, the way I see it this whole mess is between myself and Mia. And our parents shouldn't lose sight of being siblings because of us, that's not right and if Nan was here to see us.

She would slap us around the head and preach to us about how strong family is and how deep the roots run.

But she's not here anymore and I respect family values, but I don't think I can ever forgive Mia for sleeping with my fiancé, family or not. There are just some lines you don't cross, and she did.

And as for Jeremy, he was the first man to ever make me feel special and loved or at least I though so.
I thought he was my one true love that we would get married and start this big family.

Grow-old with each other, I saw this life with him and now that I know what he's been doing with Mia.
I feel like an idiot for wanting all of that with a man who has hurt me, in one of the worst ways you could ever hurt someone that you claimed to love.

I didn't know my heart could break as it has now, I didn't think I could hurt like this, but I do.

My heart aches because I lost more than a life with Jeremy, I lost him, I lost Mia and I lost a part of the person I was before I walked in on them in bed together.

Because I should have seen it, I should have figured it out and I shouldn't have been blinded by love and the values of family, and it's a mistake I will never make again with any man.

The truth is after all of this I'm unsure if I will ever be able to trust anyone, ever again and that's another thing Mia and Jeremy have taken from me.

Pulling out of my thoughts as I finished placing all the moving boxes ready for tomorrow. All that's left now is to figure out where they are being moved to, I guess I could go back home to Philadelphia, my parents said I'm welcome too.

But it feels like I'm moving backward, and Grace my best friend she said I could stay with her for as long as I like, but the thought of staying in California knowing that Mia and Jeremy are here, loved up, and living their happily-ever-after makes me want to vomit and throw things at their heads.

I wish nan was still here I would run away to River-Cove to stay with her. I loved that beach house when I was a kid, both my family and Mia's family used to spend our summers there with Nan, as this one big happy family.

It was always just magical to me, the water, the town, the people there. I've never felt the sense of home anywhere other than River-Cove and it wasn't even my real home.

The truth is after Nan got to the point in her life where she couldn't live by herself anymore, she moved back to Philadelphia to be closer to her kids my mom, and my uncle.

I have no idea what happened to that beach house, I think Nan sold it to buy her home there, which is a shame because that house... it was unique and special and now it's probably just there back in River-Cove with a happy family living in it.

Shaking the thoughts of that house away and sighed, I really need to get myself together right now. And I need a plan, a sign where to head because I'm at a loss. I mean I don't have many options left, it's either Philadelphia or Grace's place here in California, but I don't have a clue about anything anymore.

All I do know for sure is that all of this sucks,

and love is bullshit,

and my heart is broken,

and I'm alone, picking up the pieces.

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