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Reeva stood in shock as the words came out of her mate's mouth. He was joking of course. It had to be some kind of sick joke. She simply refused to believe it. Reaching a shaking hand out to him in a begging jester, she cried out his name. 

"Jonathan, you can't mean that. You are mine. Given to me by the Moon Goddess, just as I am your. Given to you by the Moon Goddess." Tears streamed down her face as his words took hold of her.

"What don't you understand. I don't want you. You just aren't pretty enough to be my mate." Jonathan swatted her out stretched hand away before it could make contact with his skin.

"But why? I don't understand!"She said breathlessly. It hurt to talk. The pain was shredding through her body making it difficult to stand, let alone talk.

"You really don't know? How about those scars that run down your back. Better yet, what about the one down the side of you face. Not to mention, you're fat. No, you're ugly and fat. As a gamma wolf, I can't been seen with you. You just don't project the image of the mate that I want." He spat at her as he pushed her away and said the words that would forever separate them. "I, Jonathan Rivers, Gamma of the Fields Pack, do hereby reject you , Reeva Towers, as my mate and Moon Goddess gift."

Oh God! The pain! The last thing Reeva remembered before she passed out was someone shouting her name as Jonathan punched her in her stomach. She really hadn't felt it. It had blended in with the pain from his rejection.

"What do you want me to say, John. He's a shallow little pup not worthy of our daughter. Our daughter, who has alpha and beta blood in her veins. She's not pretty enough. Bah! Who does that brat think his is." Her mother had always been her strongest advocate. All through her recovery after the attack, she had bullied her, loved on her, and encouraged her to push herself. She was the wolf she was today because of her mom. She could hear her dad grumbling about immature brats that didn't deserve their position.

Groaning, Reeva tried to sit up. "Mom, Dad? Where am I and how did I get here?"

Reeva's mom, a normally calm female, raced to her daughter's side. That's when the pain hit again and she doubled over screaming. While her mother tried to calm her, her dad went and got the doctor to give her something.

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