Wolf once Scorned

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Hello to all of my readers who I am maybe familiar with or are new to the labyrinth of my strange mind. My advice is to avoid wading in the pink lagon, don't pet the animals and to avoid having a conversation with any strange voices.

For those of you who don't know me I am whispering_memories here on wattpad. I have written a few other stories here on wattpad but this is the one that I am most proud of and the one that seems to be the most popular.

If you have not already guessed from the description, this is a Harry Potter Fan Fiction that is based in the marauders era. The main Character in this book is called Celeana Snow who is...different for lack of a better term. Some may say it's because she enjoys school and works hard for her grades and others claim that it is because she enjoys reading. Some jealous girls may say she is odd because she hasn't dated any of her close friends, The Marauders. But in reality, there is only one major thing that makes her different to normal girls. And that is that she grows fur and claws once a month.

(Did I just rip off my own description? I believe I have.)

This story may sound very cliche but it is currently going under editing so if there are any things that you believe need changing now and fast, leave them in the comments or direct message me.

Anyway, enjoy this story you crazy little Fangirls/Boys.


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