49. Early Morning Marriage Proposal (Unedited)

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I'm thinking to come up with double update next time, but, it could take more than a week. As I told you, I'm writing the ending chapters, so I want my regular readers to enjoy the 'End' to the fullest instead of remaining in suspense throughout the week.

Most of you complain that you forget the story when you wait that long, so double update  could avoid that problem. I won't post on next monday, but some other week day, next week.

Thank you for your cooperation and waiting. I can't believe I reached to the end of the book. There be like three more chapters......


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I opened my eyes and saw Zoya was sleeping peacefully beside me. I caressed her cheek and recalled yesterday's incident. It comforted me that she was now healthy and sleeping beside me.

She was just a little kid, yet she faced a lot. And I was the only one who was behind all this. I laid straight and sighed, then, I thought about Ashar.

Where was he?

I did remember that he carried me from the floor to my bedroom, but I was too tired to react. I hastily got out of my bed and headed to the restroom to wash myself.

My eyes were still puffy and my head was being numb. Ashar did not scold or blame me for anything, he even comforted me.

I came out of the bathroom and closed the door behind carefully because Zoya was still asleep.

I began gathering all of my hair as I walked out of bedroom and rolled up my hair into messy bun. I froze at my place when I saw Ashar was sitting at the breakfast table, engrossed in his phone. He was biting his thumbnail while his eyes were glued to his phone's screen.

My gaze moved to the table which was filled with the fresh breakfast; toasts, omelet, cereal, butter and apple jam.

Ashar stayed here all night.

He moved his head up and looked at me, "Hey, Good morning."

I pointed my hand in the direction of the fresh breakfast, "Did you prepare all this?"

"Yes." He stood up.


"I didn't know you knew how to cook." I scratched the back of my head in nervousness.

"I'm not an expert, just know the basics." He shrugged, walking towards me.

He was in different clothes and smelled of my shampoo. which means, he also took shower in my bathroom.

I was happy to see him in the morning.

Ashar was here for me. He left his work, family, his home just to stay near me.

Last night, I acted too selfishly and only thought about my own trauma without caring about Ashar's pain. Zoya was his daughter as well. He would have also felt shattered after hearing Zoya's condition.

I did not even know that did he sleep comfortably or not at my place.

"How are you feeling now? Ashar stood in front of me and quizzed.

I answered distractedly, "Just a little headache, nothing else."

"It will go away."

I nodded in response.

It felt good, the way last night he comforted me. I wanted to hold him all night.

It felt right.

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