(Qannen) are you thinking this is a sex thing

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Qannen: still tied to her chair, now gagged, a t-shirt from ForeverChic, torn and tied around her face to keep her from talking. She watches, bored, the two cute boys getting ready for whatever it is they're planning here. They have a disgustingly ancient-looking screen that's attached to a tripod that appears to be made from zonny legs. They debate its placement in the room, briefly discuss the lighting, set it up opposite Qannen's chair, then they begin brushing themselves off and fixing each other's shirts.

"Is this shirt OK?"

"Yeah I mean,"


"Is that the cleanest one you have?"

"Is clean good? We want to symbolize-"

"No I get it. I just."


"It's fine."

"What is wrong with the shirt."

"Nothing, I love it."


"It's perfect. You look great actually. Let's go."

The one the the hair takes his position by the camera while the one with the eyes stands just behind Qannen. Qannen sees what's going on and starts yelling through her gag, annoyingly enough that the one with the eyes finally removes it so they can understand what she's saying.

"What?" he says.

"Are you guys thinking this is a sex thing?" Qannen asks. "Because as I have explained, I'm fine with being tied up but in terms of YOUR safety-"

Eyes: "No it is not a sex thing just shut up and sit there and look upset-"

Qannen: "EASY."

Eyes: "-While we film this."

Qannen: "While we film WHAT."

Eyes, to Hair: "Ignore her. Let's just go. You ready?"

Qannen: "While we film WHAT."

Hair nods. "I'm ready."

Eyes: "Is it recording?"

Hair: "No net yet but tell me when you're ready and then I'll go."

Eyes: "Go now or should we do like countdown from 3."

Qannen flings her head back up at the ceiling exasperatedly. "Fuuuuuuuuu-"

"COUNTDOWN FROM 3," Eyes shouts over her.

Qannen, con't: "-uuuuuuuck."

"2, 1." Hair indicates Go, then Wait, then swipes the screen, then thumbs up.

"People of Wood2," Eyes says, loud and imposing. "You have been taken advantage of. Your whole lives are a lie. We have taken one of your celebrities hostage to protest the unfair treatment of those of us in the unincorporated areas. For too long, the lack of resources, have created disadvantages, which has had the effect of..." He loses steam and drifts off and motions for Hair to pause it.

"Should we have a script? Cue cards?" Hair offers.

"No, it just doesn't feel quite right. It's like camera on, boom, here I am with my message."

"Like we're just jumping into it, I get what you mean."

"What are you thinking."

"I think we start on her," Hair says, motioning to Qannen. "We see her all tied up, upset. Close up, right in her face. Raise curiosity, heighten the emotional stakes, THEN we pan back to you, and we go into your speech."

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