Chp 23:

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"Sir, there is someone here to interview you." I stop in my tracks, and look beside me at my assistant Charlotte; she was a brunette with blue eyes and fare skin. I slip my phone into my pocket and run the back of my hand underneath my jaw line.

"I was never informed of an interview." She frowns and flips through her planner that contains information regarding meetings, calls, and clients.

"I'm sorry. She called and scheduled the meeting last week. I had no idea that nobody informed you."

I rub my temple with my right hand, "Who is she with?", "The New York Times, sir." My eyes widen. Damn-"Fine, send her up-next time I want this information addressed with me-face to face, day of."

My tone was low. She nods quickly and hurries off, her heels making loud clicking sounds. "And Charlotte, call Stephanie."

This job was a lot more laborious then I had originally anticipated.With the information of this interview known and my publicist now informed, I walk down the lengthy cream colored tile hallway, and approach the large silver colored elevators.

I walk out into a vast room, windows from the floor to the ceiling wrapped half way around the room. A large sleek black desk rested in the middle of the room, a black office chair sat behind it and two chairs sat in front.

I take a seat and open up my MacBook Air, typing in my password, the familiar sound of buzzing interrupts my typing as I click the intercom on my desk.

"Sir, Miss. Conroy is here. For the interview.", "Alright, send her in."

The door slowly opens and in walks a petite blonde, she has blue eyes and wavy hair. Approaching my desk, she extends her hand "I'm Olivia Conroy. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me." I nod. "It's my pleasure. Please have a seat."

I watch as she places a pad of paper and pen on her lap and looks up at me, before she can speak my doors open and in walks another woman-she has short brown hair, and is dressed in professional attire.

"I'm so sorry I'm late." I straighten up and motion for Stephanie to take a seat next to Olivia.

They introduce themselves to each before turning their attention back towards me. "Olivia here works for the New York Times." "Alright, what does this interview entail-before we begin?", "Oh, my apologies.

I just have a few questions for Mr. Piercy, about this job." I lean back in my chair and cup my hands together in my lap as she reads off the first question, "Then, let's begin."

"What made you want to take over your father's side of this company?"

I clear my throat. "I felt that it was time for me to make a change in my life, which meant leaving my previous business and working in a more-I guess you could say-practical setting." She nods and writes this down.

"Did you have any concerns going into this work field?" "I think that in any new and unfamiliar is going to be nervous, or concerned."

"However, I believe that every new situation provides you with new and rewarding results with time." She writes my answer down again and nods, her blue eyes moving up to look at my face.

"What were some of your dreams when you were a child-did any of them shape you into who you are today?" My childhood memories flashed through my mind as I assess her question.

The bitter memories of when my grandmother would tell Elias and I that we wouldn't make it anywhere in life if we were to get into entertainment themed business.

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