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   It's getting late, the sun is dying, it's time you should close your eyes. Rest them so you can finally be prepared for the day. But you lay there in bed and still can't close them, no matter how exhausted you are.

   Bags of slumber stick under your eyes, and your gaze looks dazed. Are you excited, nervous afraid? Why are you having such a hard time sleeping? It's okay, you can tell me.

   It's been a week since you haven't slept. You swear you hear voices outside your bedroom door, talking about ways to kill you. You see multiple eyes in the darkest corners look back at you.
   You should really close your eyes and go to sleep. It's okay to be afraid and it's certainly understandable with what happened to you. Your afraid your mom will come in your room again, and attempt to strangle you while whispering all the things she hates about you.

   She's behind bars now little one, so why do you cry? It's okay to be scared, but you really do need sleep. At school your not there, so tired that you mentally drift off the another world. When it's supper your father simply stays quite, he doesn't dare bring up your lack of sleep.

   Your dad has been getting quieter by the days. You've grown exhausted over the days. You both look like you need some sleep. Just give in and ignore the voices. Just give in and pretend those eyes aren't really there.

   Ignore the everything that's caused you to stay awake. No excuses mr, shut those little eyelids of yours and slumber off into dreamland. I'm sure you'll have multiple nightmares of your mother, but what can I say? You still should get some sleep.

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